Monday, February 05, 2007

Radio ON

Ahem...(just clearing my throat, it's rusty)

So, we are still here in the land of sunshine and nasty colds. Sorry the blog went to static for so long, and to make up for it I promise to blog every day (yes, that said EVERY DAY) until Hoagie's birthday. So almost a whole month. Granted it is the shortest month of the year, but let's not get nit-picky.

Hoagie is doing great. He is pulling up and cruising on everything. We think he may walk soon. I am considering tying cement blocks to his little legs so this doesn't happen. Bad mom? Why yes, yes, that's me. I am just getting used to the crawling! He is sooOOoooOOooOo busy. I can only imagine how nuts it will be with the walking.

Yesterday he added a new sound to his repetoire, nanananananana. Very exciting, as I think his first word just might be Na-na, which is what we call our cat. Sure, Sunshine is her given name, but one day lo 3 years ago, I said to Don, you know, as long as it sounds like Sunshine, we could really call her anything, like na-na (sung in the same lilt as her name). So I tried it out and she responded. Na-na has been around ever since. And weasel, which she also responds to, but that doesn't really have a story. She just kinda looks like a weasel to us. Anyhow, I digress. Also exciting is the fact that mamamamama has also returned. Not directed at me mind you, but it is there. I have high hopes.

Here are a few pics to pull you through until tomorrow...

He hated grass until yesterday.

no grass!

He is cute.

smiley hold

He likes his new stroller a whole lot.

stroller boy

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Northwoods Baby said...

You have grass. Green. Warm.

Let the hate commence.