Saturday, January 31, 2009

6, 7, and 10.5

Aurora is 6 weeks old today and currently weighs in at 10.5 lbs. She is gaining like a champ, basically putting on a half a pound a week. Go kiddo go! She really is an easy baby and has begun to stretch out her night time sleep. She went 7 hours one night and regularly goes 5 hours now. Why do I still feel so tired?

I haven't gotten photographic evidence yet, but today she began smiling. Reproducible, cute, amazing smiles. She flashed one at Logan this morning and then at the ceiling fan and Grammy later on. What is it about babies and ceiling fans?

Logan also had a big day, he got a HAIRCUT. And that is in all caps because it is so short. I told the lady that I wanted to keep a lot of length on top, but she just kept going. Ah well, hair grows. I don't hate it, but it will certainly take some getting used to. It is better than it was before I took him in though, it was looking truly yuck.

My parents leave in less than 48 hours and I am really going to miss them. They have helped us (me especially) out so much both in general and with the kids that it will be a totally different experience when they are gone. I need to get into a routine of some sort, so that I get out of the house and see other people during the day. Otherwise I may go crazy. Or spend all our money at Target.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Avoidance, vigilance and, finally, acceptance

So I have tried desperately to avoid getting sick prior to having A, then after. Cause, you know, a sick newborn is no one's idea of fun. And taking care of a newborn while sick is only slightly less undesirable. Well, everyone but A got a cold this weekend. With the unseasonably warm weather (a Santa Anna that has lasted for-freaking-ever) I knew it was coming. Yes, I should be thankful for the 70-80 degree temps while the rest of the country suffers through terrible snow and cold, but I knew we were going to get sick so that kind of takes the shine off it.

Anyway, Logan had the worst of it on Monday, including a fever in the afternoon/evening. Nothing crazy bad, just warm and part of a cold. Or so we thought until we commented on a little pimple that showed up on his lip yesterday or maybe this morning (the timing is still under discussion). Then while we were eating lunch at the Children's Museum--which is amazing and very fun--Don noticed blisters on L's hands. Yes, blisters. On his hands. Combine that with the pimple, aka BLISTER, on his lip, and the fever on Monday, you have Hand, Foot, and Mouth! Awesome! So now we are on lock-down (sorry parents and kids of San Diego who went to the museum today, *blushes with embarrassment and shame*), and hoping against hope that Aurora doesn't get it too. Oh please do not let her get it!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


While watching the inauguration this morning:

Logan: Obama is good!
Me: Yes, we like Obama.
L: Obama will bring us presents!
Me: Well, he won't bring us presents to unwrap, but he will give us ways to make our lives better.
L: Yeah, he is going to bring us presents!!!
Me: He isn't Santa Logan.
L: Santa!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


This baby spits up so. dang. much. So much I am always sure that she is about to empty her stomach contents on me. And I am usually not wrong.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New name, new reality

Still alive, hanging in, and feeling totally overwhelmed with the stuff that needs to be recorded for posterity here on the old blog.

First, it was getting pictures off the camera, onto the computer, edited, named, uploaded to flickr, and then posted here. Do you see all those steps? Anyone who knows me can see this process is fraught with pitfalls. Too many places to get tangled up and abandon ship. But I did manage to get a few...

baby & L


Hello tiger

And I even took a belly shot the day before giving birth so this girl wouldn't think she didn't come from me. I can very much assure her that she did in fact grow in me...

2008 12 31 166

Then it was coming up with a new name. Not sold on what I came up with, but it will do for now. 

So the nutshell version is that I had a very quick labor and delivery (if you don't count the all-day contractions the Thursday before she was born), we got into the birth center no problem, and she was here before we even had time to fret. Mostly. We were home by noon on Sunday and the wonderful and magnificent H was then free to go home after watching Logan while we were in the birth center. 

I have had loads of help - my parents are here through January and Don's mom just left after staying a week. Don is off until the last week in January and Logan is still going to Ms. T's 2-3 days a week. When I am alone with the baby I wonder why I ever thought it was hard to have just Logan. Of course I had no *freaking* clue what I was doing when L was little and A is a very easy baby thus far (knock on wood) so the comparison isn't fair. I have yet to watch the two kids on my own and I am seriously wondering how that is going to work out. Thankfully I have time before I have to deal with that scenario.

So yeah. Christmas was good, plentiful, and seemingly never-ending. New Years Eve was nice and low-key. We got a Wii and we are totally loving it. I think that sums it up! Ha!

Next up... Logan starts telling jokes. So dang cute.