Monday, July 27, 2009


*This is an old post - but good for historical reference :-)*

Aurora is constant motion (so is Logan, but that goes without saying). The girl is rolling all over the place and getting up on her hands and toes. And just now, JUST NOW, I saw her go on her hands and knees. This girl is determined to get at stuff and her current abilities are not sufficient. She is also starting to eat solid food in quantities that make me think some is actually getting past her mouth. Where did the baby go? Where?

Monday, July 06, 2009

Food, scars, general musings

Aurora started solid foods at 6 months. I thought it would be a big hit, since she seemed more than ready, but no. This is what she thought of avocado...


And then...


But in between bites was quickly back to...


Logan's busted chin scar is healing slowly. It will be a badge of honor someday.


We are also in the very slow process of redoing our bathroom. First we had the tub resurfaced, then Don painted (it used to be very orange), and this weekend he put down tile. I looooooove it! Grouting this week...



Last, but not least--more cuteness.