Sunday, December 24, 2006

Stand-y man

Logan was half-entertaining himself in the crib this morning while we tried to grab a few extra zzzzzs (ha! yeah right). He started to melt down a bit and I walked into the bedroom to see him standing in his crib. Standing! He doesn't know how to get down so that is why we have all the crying. I hope he doesn't do it tonight at say, 1 am.

We had a good Christmas Eve, and even braved not one, but two grocery stores. We all had a nice dinner together and then Hoagie opened one present from Nana. He was very happy with his festive outfit, bib, and pjs. Very cute. Of course the clothes were surpassed by the box they came in, but such is the life of a 9 month old. And truth be told, the talking bear she sent is holding even more allure than the box.


before opening


thanks nana

love the box

Friday, December 22, 2006


So the crawling is just the beginning. We had to lower the crib asap because the boy pulled up (pulled up I tell you!) on the crib rail. My baby is growing up! Waaaaaaa! He is really pulling up on everything. Me, the coffee table, the neglect-o-saucer, and unfortunately the magazine rack. Hence the baby proofing below...

taped wall

I left the room for 15 seconds (litterally, I swear!) and didn't realize the extent of the pulling up. Mostly because it started with the magazine rack. Not so good because it was unsupervised and he ended up with a bump to the noggin. Now there is an eraser sized bruise as a result. A bruise on my unblemished only child. *sigh* Hoagie falls off the friggin' (sorry Dad, but the term is justified) bed, and gets nothing. One inoppertune bump today--and a bruise.

Also, he is learning how to use a sippy cup. A new era!

learning the sippy

In the sink, as my mom suggested. Much easier clean up.

He loves our new dirt d*vil electric broom almost as much as me, as he followed me around as I swept this afternoon. Soooo cute! And he is following us into the kitchen from the living room. A nice bonus.

He is really into solid foods now, and is eating chunks of banana and avocado. He is interested in broccoli, so we will steam that at our next meal. So neat to see the progression.

Honestly? This whole process is so much more amazing than I could have imagined. Yes, there are annoying times (like the constant whining for a bit this afternoon, I swear that noise is designed to penetrate to your core), but overall, it is just the coolest thing I have ever participated in or witnessed.

That said, I am DYING for a date night with my husband. My parents arrive next week and we are sooooo looking forward to the babysitting. Thanks mom and dad!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The evidence

Here is the crawling. I wasn't making it up. He is on hardwood here, which until yesterday, stymied the boy. Now anything is fair game. Where are the lead shoes when you need them?

Thank yous

Hoagie has recieved some nice presents lately, and it isn't even xmas yet.

First is the super-cute sweater knit by my Aunt C. It fits great and will be around for a while. We have gotten several compliments on it while out. You can see why below...


Also, he got a cute booties and hat set from Grammy that we put to use in front of the tree we (read I) erected today.

happier tree

crazy crawler

He is so on the move. Headed with single-mindedness toward said tree. Who can blame him with all the lights? Very enticing. Cheer*os are also a draw. More on that later.

So Don is off work for 4 weeks, as the college class is over and the elementary school is on winter break. I think I am more excited than him. I like having someone who does stuff around the house while I am gone. I also really like not having to drive to Chula Vista after work to pick up Logan. I mean, I love to see him, but I won't miss the 1/2 hour drive out of my way. So all is good in the M-B household. You know, for now.

On another note, our hearts go out to P, whose father found out some sad medical news last week. Logan is going to visit work tomorrow and I am sure he will give her his own form of support.

Saturday, December 16, 2006



What a difference a week makes. We have full crawling now. Things like plants, cords, shoes, feet (especially dirty ones), and fuzz bunnies are fair game. I'm just waiting for the kitty litter to be an issue. Clearly we have some housework to do this weekend.

This picture above is from today on a christmas shopping trip. The new carseat was a gift from my coworkers, the shirt is from Grammy Brown, and the beautiful blanket is from Don's boss at Zamorano. He was feeling the love.

Oh, and he is loving cheerios. Woo hoo!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Forward motion

Well, I wouldn't call it crawling yet, but we have forward motion folks! And a nasty cold. Congestion, snotty nose, and crud. It isn't slowing us down though.

Today we went out for lunch and Hoagie sat in a restauraunt high chair for the first time. It was very exciting and he really dug it until I took a straw away from him. Meltdown ensued and then he had to sit next to me. But it was great while it lasted. I can't believe our kid is big enough for this.

hoagie and mum at islands

He was on a bit of an eating strike, what with the cold and all, so we were pleased that he started up again today. Applesauce still holds the same allure...

fruit mouth

About a hundred other things have happened in the last week, but I can't think of them right now. Well, he did get a bruise on his head from our entertainment center that warranted the silent cry. And a nasty nose sucker incident that involved another silent cry and some blood. Those two things made me feel like mom of the year. Especially since they happened within 3 hours of each other. Everything else has been good, mobile, and simoutaniously dry and mucousy.

smile hoagie!

Monday, December 04, 2006

3/4 of a year

holding my book

Can you believe he is 9 months? Amazing. He is wanting to stand all the time. He loves to hold our hands and pull himself up. The crawling thing is still working itself out, but he is fast. I can't turn my head for a minute. It will be so much more so when he is mobile, I know. He is finally getting into the books we read together and Mr. Brown goes Moo is a huge hit. Especially the thunder part.

We had our first cooking club event at H and M's place on Saturday. Logan had a good time and even slept there so we could stay out. Heaven! Did we mention he is starting to get opinionated? I would expect nothing less growing up in this house. Here he is expressing himself while sitting with N.


I was out at a work lunch today and there was a baby around Logan's age crying at a nearby table. I litterally could not focus on anything else. At. All. My new boss noticed and pointed it out (no, not embarassing at all, thank you) and my co-worker oh-so-politely told me that it wasn't my child so I didn't need to pay attention. Gee, thanks buddy. It was such a surreal experience though. My brain just couldn't tune it out. Mama bear took over my body...