Monday, October 30, 2006


There has been lots of it here in Hoagie-ville. After ruling out head injury complications (urgent care and regular doc) we have now moved on to "stomach bug." I am home from work and will be tomorrow too.

Can I just whine for a second here? Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. H was supposed to come over and help hand out candy (we get tons of little ones). Don took the night off from work (as a surprise for me and Hoagie, but that went out the door). We have a super cute costume for the kid. And vomit. Not really condusive to a great night, eh? Also, Logan and I were supposed to go into work tomorrow for the halloween costume party/chilli and brownie cook-off. Everyone was going to see him in his super cute halloween outfits and then costume. *sigh*

And to top it off we had rescheduled our Friday night get-together for tonight. I had to reschedule until Wednesday. It seems doomed.

But on the up side, other than being a little cranky, Hoagie is doing fine and playing like normal. He even got into a hands and knees position today, complete with rocking back and forth. Too cute.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Before and after

From this...


To this...


We are officially in parentville now. Sorry Uncle R, we had to sell it. The 2 doors were killin' us. Don is in mourning. I bought the Matrix all by myself. I am feeling very proud.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Well, we were supposed to go out for a nice evening with dear friends who we haven't seen in a criminally long time. Instead we spent the night with a cold compress on the Hoagie's forehead.

Yes folks, he fell off the bed. A king size bed. Seems he is rolling faster than we anticipated. After the initial cry-fest (meaning all three of us) he was fine. A little sad perhaps, but nothing that a good buzz, quack, or armpit snoogle couldn't fix. And bonus, he landed on a rug. A call to the ped left me sufficently freaked out about head injuries, but he woke up and responded fine when we awoke him every two hours last night. I think we all need a nap. In all honesty though, once the 1 am wake-up came around, the rest of the schedule was just like any other night, so it wasn't so bad.

On top of the accident, I think he is getting a cold. Woot!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Camping and push-ups

Last weekend Hoagie and I went camping with a group of lovely folks. Originally we were headed to Idyllwild but it would have been waaaaay too cold for us San Diego softies. So we ended up at Agua Calliente it was really fun and Logan took to it wonderfully. I am pleased that it went so well and glad that we can now go whenever we want. It was chilly at night, but not too cold, and it was neat to hear the coyotes yipping. I am not sure how much I enjoyed the ghost stories we told around the fire, but it did make me check on Logan and conquer my fear of, well, anything spooky.

Hoagie and Auntie H...


Hanging out while we load up the Element...

desert scenery

Our campsite...


I should mention L slept great while I slept like crap. Isn't that always the way? I was too worried about the sleeping bag going over his face, his temperature, etc. He was fine. I should have just slept. Of course the in-daytime-voices conversation our neighbors had at 3 in the morning didn't help.

The other piece of news is that Logan is starting to do push ups. He is getting up on his hands and toes. Doesn't quite understand that putting his knees down would be easier, but I am sure that will come. He is rocking back and forth when he is on Don as well, so I think it is time to start baby proofing. Yikes!


Monday, October 23, 2006

Where we've been

Don and I have been to all these states...

Logan has been here...

create your own personalized map of the USA
or check out ourCalifornia travel guide

Not bad for 7+ months...

Thanks to Insane Animals for the link!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Peas and thank you. Or not.

Well, like mother like son. Techincally, it is like grandmother, like mother, like son. There is a veggie we all hate. Peas. They seemed to go down ok, but they ALL came back up later. Wow. Did they ever. Logan hasn't puked in a long time, so it was quite a shock to have a massive green splat this evening. He didn't seem any worse for it, as he got to take a bath so he was happy. Maybe we will try them again in a few weeks.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I guess it's not just cats...

i love goats

He likes goats too!

We went to a pumpkin patch today and let me tell you, it just isn't the same out here on the west coast. We had a few choices and decided to skip the one next to T*rget because it is in a parking lot in retail hell. The others seemed kind of far away so we decided to head to Bonita. I am glad we went, but it was disappointing. Small, cheesy, and really not that many pumpkins. There were hundreds in boxes next to the patch, which seemed odd. Whatever...

Here is the photographic evidence of the outing...

standing with dad

masse-browns at the pp

crotch hold

mom and hoagie at the pp


Logan has a new obsession. The cat. He follows her every move and I am thankful that he can't crawl yet or she would be hiding under our bed all the time. She really doesn't want anything to do with him, so when she granted him close proximity today we had to take pictures to document the occasion. Logan was thrilled and Sunshine got a good scritch so she didn't mind. The little ones unite!

can I pet her

Friday, October 13, 2006

The most wonderful time of the year

Oh, autumn, how I love thee! I really miss fall so much. Here it is just a (sometimes) cooler extension of summer. Not that I am complaining. Really that is why we moved here. But I am sad that Logan will never grow up with memories of flaming leaves and a crisp smell in the air. Of turtlenecks, apple cider, halloweens with winter coats over his costume, frost covering the tips of the green grass, raking piles of leaves and jumping in them. (Truth be told, I hate raking, and there were always too many bugs and spiders in the leaves for me to enjoy jumping in them, so that one is just popular culture nostalgia.) We are going to a pumpkin patch this weekend to take some pics and purchase an overpriced pumpkin. I already have two large ones and one baby one, so this one will be the last. I love lining them up on the steps.

Pic from 2 years ago, these really freaked out the neighborhood kids so last year we made them happier...

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I leave you with two autumn quotes that fill my heart with longing for this magical time of year.

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all. ~Stanley Horowitz

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Picture as promised

No, Don isn't turning into "The Man" (ha ha, thanks for that one Hope!). Logan was grabbing like crazy so he chopped it off. Here is the picture, he is so tired right now that I couldn't get him to open his eyes any more than this. He is burning the candle at both ends...

tired don

Monday, October 09, 2006

Gone baby, gone

Don cut off his goatee. Not all the way off, but the braided part is G-O-N-E. Pictures to follow...

Oh, and Logan likes peaches. Yummy!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

A little live action

Here is a little live action from this morning to tide over those who live far away (which is, um, pretty much everyone who reads this...). Enjoy!

Officially official

Well, the day we hoped for has arrived... Don signed his contract with Zamorano Fine Arts Academy this week. Hooray!!!! Really, this is a wonderful event for both Don and our little family unit. Don has taught there for over five years now as an "artist in residence" aka slave labor. Just kidding, it provided flexible and interesting employment with the age group he loves the most. So now he is on staff as a credentialed teacher and reaps all the benefits therein. Not the least of which is healthcare that requires no employee contribution beyond co-pays and whatnot. Woo hoo!

The other officially offical thing is Don and my 6th anniversary, which is today. I can't believe it has been 6 years already, yet I can't really remember life without him either. Maybe it is that I just don't like to remember. Life got much better after we partnered. And what, you ask, are we doing to celebrate? Well, nothing really. We are going to a party tonight where there will be two big dogs that I am severely allergic to so I will most certainly be leaving after about 10 minutes. Don will stay and exchange home-made CDs with his boyfriends. Sounds like a romantic evening, no? Oh well, we will make up for it later. We have a book and a painting in mind to commemorate the event.

In Logan news (which is most important, I know) he turned 7 months this Monday and is looking sharp. He loves rice cereal and is pretty much over his cold. Did I mention the cold? It was not fun, but we are on the other side of it for now. And even better, is that he slept from 7:45pm to 3:45 am last night. Woot! Seriously, I feel like a new woman after all that consecutive sleep.

My parents have come and gone since the last post, and below are a few pictures from their wonderful, and too short, visit.

First though, is a pic of the boys in their Eagles garb. Thankfully they won last week...
I heart donovan

Here is us in the hotel pool. Hoagie loved the water.
group swim

Grammy reading him a book...
Nancy reading to Logan

And finally, Grampa feeding him a bottle of EBM.
grampa feeding Logan