Saturday, October 07, 2006

Officially official

Well, the day we hoped for has arrived... Don signed his contract with Zamorano Fine Arts Academy this week. Hooray!!!! Really, this is a wonderful event for both Don and our little family unit. Don has taught there for over five years now as an "artist in residence" aka slave labor. Just kidding, it provided flexible and interesting employment with the age group he loves the most. So now he is on staff as a credentialed teacher and reaps all the benefits therein. Not the least of which is healthcare that requires no employee contribution beyond co-pays and whatnot. Woo hoo!

The other officially offical thing is Don and my 6th anniversary, which is today. I can't believe it has been 6 years already, yet I can't really remember life without him either. Maybe it is that I just don't like to remember. Life got much better after we partnered. And what, you ask, are we doing to celebrate? Well, nothing really. We are going to a party tonight where there will be two big dogs that I am severely allergic to so I will most certainly be leaving after about 10 minutes. Don will stay and exchange home-made CDs with his boyfriends. Sounds like a romantic evening, no? Oh well, we will make up for it later. We have a book and a painting in mind to commemorate the event.

In Logan news (which is most important, I know) he turned 7 months this Monday and is looking sharp. He loves rice cereal and is pretty much over his cold. Did I mention the cold? It was not fun, but we are on the other side of it for now. And even better, is that he slept from 7:45pm to 3:45 am last night. Woot! Seriously, I feel like a new woman after all that consecutive sleep.

My parents have come and gone since the last post, and below are a few pictures from their wonderful, and too short, visit.

First though, is a pic of the boys in their Eagles garb. Thankfully they won last week...
I heart donovan

Here is us in the hotel pool. Hoagie loved the water.
group swim

Grammy reading him a book...
Nancy reading to Logan

And finally, Grampa feeding him a bottle of EBM.
grampa feeding Logan

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megan said...

yeah for Don having the "official" job! and have we talked about the fact that we (you and don/hope and me) share our wedding anniversary?? same year and everything! happy 6th! we, uh, went to lunch with kid in tow and then walked around one of our outdoor malls. we bought 2 things for quinn. v-e-r-y romantic indeed. oh, and we went camcorder shopping, which we needed to do. our go-to babysitters weren't was beautiful here, though, so really, it was all good.