Wednesday, May 30, 2007

When toddlers attack

We decided to go out to purchase a magazine last night at our local big bookstore. We had an hour before bedtime and no plans so it seemed like perfect timing. Unfortunately, the magazine we were looking for (the one with the stucco repair dad) was not there, so Hoagie and I headed off to the children's section. Oh the delights of the children's section! Hoagie could hardly contain himself. It was pretty empty and he was enthralled with the large train set that was set up in the corner. Another couple headed over with their two boys (one about 4 and the other around 2, plus one on the way) and the younger of the two had a major meltdown. Like monumental shrieking that would have sent me right back out the door to put my kid to bed. Alas, these parents decided the kid should play at the train table with his brother and Logan. As you are probably aware, a one year old has almost no sense of things belonging to someone else. Very, very little. So he tried to take the older brother's trains and I herded him away several times. The parents of the other kids were nice enough and we traded quips on what it will be like to add their expected child into the mix. Then Logan made a most dire mistake. He grabbed the younger boy's train. The shrieking! The yelling! In no time at all the boy had Logan around the neck and was strangling him. Well, not seriously, but enough to scare the pants off of our boy and send him into hysterics. I intervened along with the other parents and we left the train table. The strangler's parents apologized profusely and no one was worse for the wear. Personally, I would have left the store then if my kid had done that to someone else, but (you may detect a theme here) they decided to stay. We left as it was Hoagie's bedtime and many more apologies were offered. So that was our first experience with a physical altercation between our kid and another. Don assures me that I didn't freak out, even though I felt like my eyeballs were going to pop out of my head when I saw that little boy's hands around my son's neck. I think I said something like "Oh no, we don't do that!" so how bad could I have sounded? I always second guess myself when I am talking to or correcting other people's children. I wonder how T deals with it at daycare? I have much to learn today when I pick up the kid.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oh my

A coworker just had her fourth child. Fourth! She is a well-oiled mother machine, and sailed through her pregnancy with apparently little drama despite dealing with some issues that would have sent me over the edge. Today she brought her two week old into work.

Oh my.

I am in desperate need of snuggling a newborn! Desperate I tell you! My uterus swelled with desire and my hormones swooned. Luckily my head is still on relatively straight, but dang that urge is powerful.

Logan was walking around last night with his hands in his pants pockets. Seriously, it was the cutest thing ever. Don said he was channeling his Pop-pop Boyko and all he needed was a little change to jingle.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

'Cause I feel guilty


yellow pail

my can

dad and hoagie at coronado




It's been a long time.

But we're back! And doing well! With words!

New to our ears--balloon and daddy. No mama anywhere in sight. *sigh* We are quite impressed with balloon's two syllables, and he also calls Sunshine zsa zsa. We hear that one A LOT.

Logan is walking like crazy, so much that I had to buy him shoes. He loves them so much that he asked to wear them this morning. We tried them out at the local playground where he had a great time. We met some neighborhood kids (including triplets) who loved playing ice cream and flower stand. Both are much to complex to describe here, but let's just say we had fun with bark and leaves. I even met two moms! This is quite a breakthrough for me.

The renovation came and went, and phase 1 is complete. A window was moved and it looks fantastic. I have during pictures that I will post. My dad found some nasty wood paneling and some baaaaad faux brick wallpaper under the sheet rock. Thank g-d they covered that crap up. Next will be installing french doors. Woo hoo! Should be done by winter 2015.

Don's last night class is this Tuesday and I am wildly excited. Don 7 nights a week will be a welcome change. Now that The Office and Gilmore Girls is over I don't have Tues/Thurs obligations and I am ready for bedtime help. That, and I don't eat dinner on those nights because I am too lazy to make myself anything. Did I really just type that out? I did. Sad confession.

So there are about 8 million other things to catch up on, but here a video to smooth things over...