Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Day One Complete

The day is over and Logan was a superstar! I picked him up and he had drank both bottles, napped for an hour (which he never does at home), and smiled at everyone who walked by. Hooray! Man, do I feel A LOT better. This daycare thing is hard.

Monday, August 28, 2006

New Stuff

So lots of new stuff has happened since I last updated. Nana and Pop-pop visited for a glorious week. We had a great time and Logan took to them wonderfully. Nana taught Hoagie to blow raspberries, well really how to perfect them. Her legacy lives on in much pllltttting, especially while nursing, which is very cute but not so efficient. We did many fun things together, and here is a picture of us picnicing at Sunset Cliffs close to my work. It was a great day and the wind kept us comfy (unlike the wild animal park, which was sooooo crazy hot).

Masse Picnic

Logie is also starting to sit up. He can balance for a few seconds on his own, and he is straining to sit when he is on his back. Ah, the boy is growing up...

In other exciting news, Logan rolled over, from front to back, this morning. Twice! So it wasn't a fluke (sadly Don missed it, and luckily I was at home because our Mini broke and had to go into the shop thus taking some leave from work), but I am not sure when it is going to happen again.

I broke down and bought (off craigslist, oh how I love thee craigslist!) an exersaucer for the boy. He loves the jolly jump up, but it is hung up in a spot where he can't see us so he gets fussy after a little bit. I don't blame him, as who is cooler to hang with than Mum and Dad? So here he is in it for the first time...


Tomorrow he goes to daycare, the wonderful Ms. T's, and I am a bit of a mess. Rationally I know a) we have no choice, b) he will be fine, and hopefully even better off for it, and c) Ms. T is the best provider we could hope for. Still, it is huge and I just can't stomach the fact that he will not be the number one focus. *sigh* I forsee many tears tomorrow, at least Don is dropping him off instead of me...

Other things of interest, we had 2 walk throughs on our condo this past weekend (woot!), Sunshine is on an eating strike, Don is finished with his credential program and turned 35 (gulp!). It certainly has been a busy week...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Smarty Pants

Singing our abcs has really paid off!


Johnny Jump Up

Sorry it has been soooooo long since the last update. I started back at work and time has become a precious commodity.

The big news around here is that Logan has a cousin! I am an auntie and Don is an uncle. WOW!!!! KRM arrived 6 weeks early and she and Mom are doing great. We couldn't be more excited, and can't wait to see pictures of her. Word has it that they turned off the lights and heat in her crib and she is eating with an NG tube. Go KRM! She was actually 10 oz heavier than Logan when born. Woot!

Around here, Logan spends the mornings with Dad and then the afternoons walking or driving around to look at houses. Yes folks, the Hoagie will hopefully be moving soon! The time has come to jump ship from the condo that has served us well to a place with a yard.

flyers in the box

We aren't asking for much, and it's a good thing because the market here is pretty pricey. So far the Hoagie has been an angel while driving around, especially with Mom in the back seat.

can i get out of here

In other news, the johnny jump up is a wonderful tool. Logan just kind of sat and spun around in it at first (we tried to bounce him up and down so he would get the hang of it but he wasn't there yet) but now he is bouncing like a champ. Especially when he is sick of it and crying. It is kind of hard to pull a drooly, whiney baby out of those things.

happy jumper

Sometimes the bouncing is just too much and he needs a break.

sleepy bouncer

Nana and Pop-pop come this Saturday and will stay at H & M's place while they are on their Italian honeymoon. Logan is pretty excited to see them and hopefully they will bring pictures of his cousin. (hint hint!)

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