Tuesday, September 30, 2008

28 weeks

Here I am at 28 weeks...

28 wks

Monday, September 29, 2008

Unexpected rain

Any day that starts out with unexpected rain is a happy one for me. September is dry here, as in I can't actually recall the last time we had any sort of precipitation fall at our house, so free watering is delightful. In fact, I thought Don was rolling a trash can or something down our the side of our house the sound was so unfamiliar. A far cry from our roots.

All is well here. Logan and I got sick last week and he was better within a day or two. I am still battling a nasty cough, but feeling 100% better. Not to be a total complainer, but the pregnant + parent + sick combination really stinks. And Don was gone 3 nights last week instead of his normal 2, so it was not easy. But, things are looking up and I have my fingers crossed that we don't get anything too terrible in the next 10-12 weeks. And beyond really. Ha! Not likely.

Logan had a great weekend with some recently acquired craigslist goodies. I found a playhouse and 4-5 big toy trucks for insanely cheap. All he wanted to do during the day was play with the trucks. We washed them, filled them up with mulch, and drove them all over. He also "grilled" lots of "hot dogs" in his new house.

Sunday we went to breakfast and he was feeling a little antsy at the end of the meal. He looked at me and said "OJ will my all feel better" which translates to OJ will make me feel all better. *so cute*

Monday, September 08, 2008

Baby Sharkey

So a few weeks ago Logan nicknamed the unborn one "Baby Sharkey." I am not sure if he thinks I am going to give birth to an actual shark or if he understands it will be a human. Either way, he is pretty interested. So far he has told me that we are going to hug Baby Sharkey (true!) and that it is going to lay down a lot (true again!). Oh, and that it is going to have a tail. Ummm, well, we hope not. He tried to look in my belly button to see the baby, but, despite my having the deepest belly button ever, he couldn't catch a glimpse. Very cute.

In other news, I have banned myself from buying those cinnamon rolls that come 8 to a can. We got them to have for breakfast yesterday and I ate 7 of them within 24 hours. I feel so gross. Yet I could still eat more of them if they were around. I think I have gained more weight already with this baby than I did the whole time when I was pg with Logan. Oh well...

Friday, September 05, 2008


On the way to T.arget...

L: There's a yellow truck over there! There's a yellow truck mommy!
Me: Yes there is Logan, you have very good eyes.
L: I have special eyes.
Me: Yes, you are able to see lots of things that I don't. Your eyes are very sharp. My eyes are not special like yours.

*long pause*

L: Mommy, you have pretty eyes.

And then my heart melted onto the floor.

Thursday, September 04, 2008