Monday, September 08, 2008

Baby Sharkey

So a few weeks ago Logan nicknamed the unborn one "Baby Sharkey." I am not sure if he thinks I am going to give birth to an actual shark or if he understands it will be a human. Either way, he is pretty interested. So far he has told me that we are going to hug Baby Sharkey (true!) and that it is going to lay down a lot (true again!). Oh, and that it is going to have a tail. Ummm, well, we hope not. He tried to look in my belly button to see the baby, but, despite my having the deepest belly button ever, he couldn't catch a glimpse. Very cute.

In other news, I have banned myself from buying those cinnamon rolls that come 8 to a can. We got them to have for breakfast yesterday and I ate 7 of them within 24 hours. I feel so gross. Yet I could still eat more of them if they were around. I think I have gained more weight already with this baby than I did the whole time when I was pg with Logan. Oh well...

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