Monday, February 25, 2008


Did you know that breaking food items up into smaller (non-choking hazard) pieces for your toddler is blasphemy? Causing reactions such as howling with indignity and sobbing "broken" repeatedly? Hmmmm...wait.Your children don't do this? Ah well...welcome to life with Logan. He has become incredibly picky about having food presented to him in it's"natural" state. A cracked graham cracker (even on the line where it is supposed to be divided) means complete refusal of any snack. Hummus in a bowl instead of the container it comes in is a personal insult. You ripped the bread in half???? You are rewarded with a piercing shriek that could break glass. Ok, he just yells and sobs, so the shriek is an exaggeration. Our saving grace is soup. The boy loves soup.

Overall he is doing great, other than the typical toddler stuff. He is saying more words every day and is starting to recognize colors and shapes. His most consistent color is white, and he can find a star anywhere. He was looking at our fish over the weekend and declared"white fish!" Which they are, with some orange. And he knows there are two, so numbers are right around the corner.

And, um, he is turning two (2!) next weekend. Gah!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Facebook strikes again. I met up with my high school friend K, who I hadn't seen in 9 years. She found me on facebook and happened to be in town for a course. We had a great time and it was like no time had passed at all. Lovely!

Kerry and Carrie

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On the mend

I succumbed to a nasty stomach bug this weekend and it wiped out all my fun plans and interesting adventures. Booo! Not at all what I was expecting, but who really plans for a random illness?

Last week, Logan was sick in the middle of the night. We changed him, the sheets, wiped everything up, and all went back to sleep. The next day I saw what a poor job I did at 2 am. I sometimes think back to before Logan and pregnancy, when I had an idealized view of motherhood and caretaking. I daydreamed about rocking him, changing diapers and the hilarity that would ensue, breastfeeding, playing silly games, and most especially the crafty projects that would consume all our free time. I did NOT envision wiping puke off every rung and rail on the crib and the wall. I didn't fantasize about cleaning vomit out of our washer while my child sprinkled A.jax cleaner all over the garage floor. Nope, not part of my little collection of fuzzy white fantasies.

Logan started swimming lessons last Saturday and they were a hit except for the part where he had to put his ears underwater. He might even learn to put his whole head under this week. Poor kid was so cold when he got out that he had the all-over body shivers. He had completely warmed up by the time we left and went to the awesome playground outside the pool. He ran around like a crazy man who couldn't believe his good fortune. There were so many different things to play on, with, and over that he was totally overwhelmed. Then he pooped so we had to go to the car, and then home.

Pictures of our park adventure and a meme to come...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I think I mentioned that there is a new baby at Ms. T's who just started in January. Logan had been the youngest kid at daycare until B joined the group. I am thrilled, because I think it is great for Logan to be around kids littler than him.

He seemed to be smitten with baby B until he figured out that this kid isn't a temporary addition. Now he is so impatient, and, most dramatically, is crying at his morning drop-off. This kid has never cried when he has been dropped off. Poor kid, jealousy is hard. Ms. T feels badly for him too, since he rarely causes trouble (you know, outside that biting issue this fall). He'll come to terms with it soon enough.

Speaking of adjustments, I had my first ever chiropractic appointment last week. Bouncing a 20+ lb baby on an exercise ball for months on end really messed me up. We haven't been doing that for ages now, but my back hadn't fully recovered. I am glad I went, though I won't be returning to the same practice. It was too impersonal and busy. I am looking for someone who, um, listens to me. What a crazy requirement, eh?

Friday, February 01, 2008

Congratulations Don!!!!!

Don was selected as Zamorano's Teacher of the Year!!!!!!!!!

OMG, I am just so excited! I love you honey, way to go!