Monday, February 25, 2008


Did you know that breaking food items up into smaller (non-choking hazard) pieces for your toddler is blasphemy? Causing reactions such as howling with indignity and sobbing "broken" repeatedly? Hmmmm...wait.Your children don't do this? Ah well...welcome to life with Logan. He has become incredibly picky about having food presented to him in it's"natural" state. A cracked graham cracker (even on the line where it is supposed to be divided) means complete refusal of any snack. Hummus in a bowl instead of the container it comes in is a personal insult. You ripped the bread in half???? You are rewarded with a piercing shriek that could break glass. Ok, he just yells and sobs, so the shriek is an exaggeration. Our saving grace is soup. The boy loves soup.

Overall he is doing great, other than the typical toddler stuff. He is saying more words every day and is starting to recognize colors and shapes. His most consistent color is white, and he can find a star anywhere. He was looking at our fish over the weekend and declared"white fish!" Which they are, with some orange. And he knows there are two, so numbers are right around the corner.

And, um, he is turning two (2!) next weekend. Gah!


Jen said...

Yes, actually, we are well acquainted with this issue. Want Natalie's Laser Eyes of Death? Break off a piece of food for her. "Whole thing!" she shrieks, "whole thiiiiiiiing!" Cait has discovered that a Lara Bar can be mushed back together into its original form. The same cannot be said for fake chicken nuggets, peanut halves, apple pieces or sandwiches.

At least it's funny as hell! :)

calliope said...

2?!?! how the hell did THAT happen?!?!