Friday, September 21, 2007


For some reason hand, foot, and mouth disease (the people kind) makes me think of horses. Why, I don't know. There is nothing horse-like about it. Oh, and did I mention that Logan has it? No? Well that might be because I didn't know until I picked him up from daycare about five hours ago. Another kid there was diagnosed with it earlier in the week and has been out with said horse disease, so it was probably (clearly) only a matter of time before we welcomed the virus into our house too. After an afternoon of lethargy, things are looking up. Mellow even. The real bummer is that we had to bow out of two highly anticipated social events this weekend. Ah well, another time. Neigh!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Not sure what is going on, but the Hoagie tried to bite every kid at Ms. T's yesterday. His buddies! His pals! He hit them, took their toys, yelled, and was giant pain in the neck the whole day. Grrreeeaaaat. This is the second biting incident in about a week. I didn't blog about the last one because if you don't talk about it, you know, it didn't really happen. I would much prefer he was bit than be the biter. He never bites at home, so this is a difficult one for us (as parents, not there to witness the wrongdoings) to reinforce. Needless to say, there is lots of "teeth are for chewing food" talk going on in the house right now. I can only point to no nap the day before and an emerging molar as possible causes for the outrageous behavior yesterday. Crap.

He started saying "baby" too. At least that is cute.

Monday, September 17, 2007

More talkin'

New words!

Nanana = Banana
Mum mum mum = Mommy
Reooow = Meow

Shoe is not a new word, but it sure is a new obsession. If he is up, he must have shoes on. Especially his pedi.peds, which, although new, will soon be too small. He runs over to wherever they are normally tossed and follows one of us around chanting "show" until we put them on. He got crocs clogs over the weekend. I can't say he is thrilled with them, but I sure do like the fact that they can get dirty and wet without getting ruined. He picked out purple ones all by himself (which means they were the ones he didn't give back to me over the course of our shopping trip).

He is also obsessed with his baby yogurt. I can't open the fridge without him grabbing one out and totally melting down if he can't have it. One yogurt a day seems about right to me though. He would have ten. I win.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Don was watering our ficus this morning and happened upon this wondrous scene...


marching jumpers

The tiniest of baby grasshoppers! They were about a quarter of an inch long (if I could find a darn tape measure I could tell you for sure...). So neat.

Since this is a picture post, here are a couple of Hoagie looking cute.

hidey hole

the pool

love sunshine

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sick, Hot, and Lazy

Like most people, I really look forward to holidays. I have to say, with much disappointment, that Labor Day this year was horrible. It was 107 degrees outside, and, according to our neat little we*ther ch*nnel pop up, supposedly felt like 109. They might as well have said "and feels like the fiery pits of hell."That might have been more accurate. We could have gone to the beach, but being a holiday weekend, we didn't feel like dealing with the crowds.* Instead we lounged around inside (we are sooooo thankful for our central air) and in our backyard crammed into the four foot diameter swimmy pool. Logan was bored silly with being inside so much during the day and also came down with a small cold. I picked up some sort of nasty stomach thing, but that only lasted a day. We are now on the mend and the temperature has dropped to a pleasing 85.

The boy learned to say "eye" over the weekend, but his language skills are pretty limited overall. He has words, but he doesn't use them much and the rate of learning new ones has slowed. Yeah, I am inwardly (bloggingly) concerned, but not anywhere near freaking out. He has a Pedi appt coming up shortly, so I will discuss this with her. Ok, he is saying "rock" and "clock" once and a while too. I forgot those...

Can you believe Hoagie is a year and a half? A year and a half! I feel like this is not even possible, but it is true. He is really enjoying his books and his dinosaur puzzle (thanks Aunt C and Uncle G!). He broke our alarm clock (luckily a replacement arrived the next day) and is obsessed with looking at himself in our mirrored closet doors. I think he finds himself endlessly fascinating and handsome, just like we do. He has also recently insisted on feeding himself pretty much everything. Very messy, but nice to see.

Last night we were about to run an errand and Logan needed a shirt. We were in our living room and Don asked him to please go get a shirt from his bedroom and bring it back. He looked at us for a second then trotted off to his room. We took guesses as to what he would bring back. I said he would bring some sort of toy and Don guessed a book (optimistic that he would return at all). Instead he brought us a crib sheet. Much closer to a shirt than either of us expected! He had to open a drawer to get it (which he closed behind him), and he was given an impossible task since he can't even see into the drawer that holds his clothes. We thought that was pretty cool.

*The beach is a nightmare on holiday weekends normally, but this one was total madness because of the heat. There was a huge brawl at Pacific Beach where 16 people were arrested, and a co-worker sold his Mission Beach parking spot at 2pm for $150. Yup, that's right folks, $150 for an afternoon parking spot on the street. We are glad we opted to stay home.