Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Gone soft

So I mentioned it is hot? Wow. Is it ever. Yesterday was 96 degrees with 78% humidity. Now, coming from the east coast you would think Don and I could handle this weather, but no. We are pathetic. If there is a stiff breeze I am layering on the sweaters. Don't even get me started about rain. And heat is just as bad. All three of us are acclimated to a nice range of 60-80 degrees. NO humidity. A dry heat really is easier to take.

The heat combined with a barely functioning 25 year old air conditioner has made us a cranky household. Logan has been especially crabby, and I am praying he goes back to his old self before we fly 7 hours on Sunday. I have high hopes since everyone who hears about our trip tells us babies just sleep like crazy on a plane.

Anyway, I think we will head out to the mall tomorrow for relief. Too bad our malls are outdoors...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A few pictures...

Well, just a few more cute pictures. Today was HOT and HUMID. Weird for our neck of the woods. Just preparing us for our trip back east. Anyhow, here is the latest...


mmmmm beard

frowny face


now class...

Big toes and other musings

Big toe
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Since we first met him, Don and I have thought Logan has huge big toes. Not huge in the way that they are too big in general, just out of proportion to the other toes on his little feet. The picture above really doesn't show off the toe's hugeness, but it is something.

Lots has been going on over the last week here. We have gone to the beach twice, the zoo again, Costco, my work, and to visit Don at Zamorano.

* The zoo was wonderful as usual and we saw the polar bear, a couple meercats, giraffes, elephants, and a baby anteater. LOTS of baby pigs and boars. Logan actually woke up for part of it again and had a grand old time.

* The beach was good, but Logie had a total meltdown the first time we were there. It wasn't pretty. I think Don and I swore a nonstop litany of curses at each other for 15 minutes or so. Yikes. Once the Hoagie settled down much fun was had. The second visit was much less traumatic and we even had an awesome sunshade that Don and I put up with little hassle. Woo hoo!

beach smile

beach set up

* My work was great. It honestly felt like I never left, even though the last time I was there my water broke on my chair. I didn't even have an opportunity to clean out my office or anything. I currently have no furniture, so I couldn't go back right now even if I wanted to. :-) But it was nice to see everyone and to be missed. I am looking forward to adult interaction when I return, but not the leaving Logan part. We don't talk about that around here.

* Don's work was equally great to visit. Logan was a superstar as usual, and his coworkers treat me like one of the gang. Can't ask for more!

* Don and I had an actual date! On Wednesday, H babysat while Don and I took in a movie. The one with mutant superheros. It was not the best one of the series, but great escapism. We even had time for a drink at a local bar. Logie was a ok for H, and was sleeping when we got back (thankfully). And to our astonishment...

* Logan slept 9 hours straight! He went to bed around 8 and woke up around 5am. WOW. And two other nights this week he slept until 6am. Double wow. This is a whole new world. I wish I was getting more sleep, but I think I am actually getting less. I keep waking up thinking "why isn't he up yet? OMG, he isn't up yet!" Then I stare at him until he wakes up.

* Father's Day! How could I forget. Don had a good one (if I do say so myself). Logan gave him a dinosaur pop-up book that is REALLY cool. I gave him a super nice bike trailer for Logan to ride in when he gets a bit older. He had breakfast in bed and his coffee delivered (by me). We went up to La Jolla to see a Tijuana artists exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art up there. It was a good show and the weather was perfect. We walked around a bit too and saw some seals. Once we were back home I made dinner (meatloaf, his request). He looked pretty happy.

dad and logan at the museum

Dad and Hoagie in LaJolla

One final note (I will be better about blogging so every entry isn't a book...), Logie's hair is receding even more. He is so darn cute!

Logie's Hairline

Friday, June 16, 2006

We did make it out to the Wild Animal Park on Thursday. While it was warm, there was a good breeze so it was very comfortable. I was afraid the hoagie would fry in his stroller, but he did just fine. We didn't ride the tram, which is the highlight of the park. Instead we walked around and went places we had never visited before. It was an awesome day. Mostly because Don was home at 10:30...

So we saw quite a few animals, despite being there at the hottest point in the day. There was a baby elephant out...
elephant baby

And we saw the lions too. We actually saw the lions in another exhibit as well, along with the adjoining tiger, which is unheard of. Usually they are hiding out in the grassy shade. In fact, I walked by the fence that the lioness had just wandered by a few minutes after her. Bad timing on my part, cause it would have been soooooo cool to see her face to face. There is only chain link fencing and a yard or so between the path and the enclosure (with a sign saying "watch out, these animals bite!" Duh...).

Logan pretty much slept the whole time so his view looked something like this...
logans view of the wild animal park

But when we pulled the blanket back, it was obvious he was enjoying himself.*
likes the wild animal park

He did wake up at the very end, so we have a record of him at the park. Don't we look comfortable? There were some picture taking snafus prior to this shot...
still smiling

Logan had a little tummy time when he got back home. In this picture you can really see his "monk" hair. He is totally Homer Simpson on top with just a few stray hairs hanging on.
hi daddy

After a few minutes he just couldn't take it anymore. Tummy time was just too much. Either that or he was sad Daddy was leaving for his bowling league (no, that isn't a typo, my husband is now part of a bowling league. He bowled a 196 last night! Go Don!!!). Either way, he went into "shut down" mode.
tuckered out

Tomorrow we try the beach again with H and M. Hopefully it isn't too windy, wish us luck!

*Note that Logan's outfit says Little Dribbler (thank you Chris and Missy!). I can assure you that Logie's dribbling was anything but little that day. He SOAKED my leg and shoe in the car before we headed into the park. Right after I got done saying he was a champion spit-upper. Guess he was just showing off. *shrug* Gotta love those urpy days...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So we have been getting out and about lots more lately. Don gets home around 2ish now so he has gotten us out of the house (way more than a walk to the mailbox). Monday we tried to go to the zoo, but arrived after it closed so we walked around the park a bit instead.

don and logan at balboa park

Tuesday he was home extra early and it was soooo nice out. No June gloom at all. So we packed up and headed out to the beach on Coronado. Here is Logan all ready to leave...
Hi Mom

Well, we underestimated the wind for sure. There was sand everywhere and our little sun shade couldn't take the stress...
windy at coronado

Despite the wind, we were able to stay long enough to have Logie get his toes in the water for the first time...
well, I guess it's ok
He was fine at first, then he didn't think it was so great...
not so fun
But on the whole, he did a great job. He is going to be spending a lot of time there this summer, so we are pleased he took to the beach as much as us. We promptly ditched the laying around idea and headed to Morley Field to read a bit and relax (after getting moo-time treats of course!).
retreating to morley field
Logan took a nice nap and then woke up hungry so we headed home. After a nice afternoon lunch, he was in fine form. He is obviously loving his bouncer right now.
smile at home
Not sure what we are going to do today, but it is super nice out again, so hopefully it won't be just laundry. We plan to go to the wild animal park on Thursday so wish us luck with that adventure...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Logie finds his thumb

Logie finds his thumb
Originally uploaded by targetgirl619.

The first step to self soothing! Too bad it was a one-time event today, but I am sure there will be lots of practicing in the days to come...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Then and now

It's amazing how much the Hoagie has grown.

Here is a picture then...
high pants

And now...
Logan and Dad at Bird Park


Well, I feel a lot of pressure to make this first entry meaningful, but, sadly, it will fall short of my expectations. I read and love blogs, so it is high time Logan and the Masse-Brown family gets our own.

I hope that this will be a nice on-line record for Logan to look back on some day and see what we did, what he did, and how we all felt about it.

I am obsessing a bit about SIDS. Since the Hoagster was born 5 weeks premature, he is at an increased risk for SIDS. At least he breastfeeds and sleeps right next to me so there is some mitigation of that risk (and on his back of course). I still just can't imagine my life without his cute babbling and smiles. Heck, even the fussing and crying would be missed. I did some research online about it and I don't think I will do that again. Some things are better left unknown. I have gone over and over the ways to reduce it, so that will have to be good enough.

So for a bad mom move on my part, I let his reflux meds go for the full two weeks. He is on Prilosec and it is compounded with flavoring, which has a shelf live of supposedly 14 days. Unfortunately, it is more like 12 days and I let it go too long. Nursing has been killer and I actually saw him arch for the first time in weeks this morning. I won't let the prescription go that long again. The list of "won't do agains" is getting longer by the minute.

On the oh-so-cute front, Logie is cooing so much more and just recently discovered a new noise that is a bit like a shriek. I will have to capture it on video and post it. He seems very proud of himself. He and I can goo and ga back and forth for quite a while now before he decides it is no longer fun and he needs a nap. All that vocalization can tucker a guy out.

Here is a clip taken this last week of Logan loving his "take me out to the ballgame" bear. Any singing makes him a happy man. Many thanks to Nana Masse for the gift, it's a winner!