Saturday, June 10, 2006


Well, I feel a lot of pressure to make this first entry meaningful, but, sadly, it will fall short of my expectations. I read and love blogs, so it is high time Logan and the Masse-Brown family gets our own.

I hope that this will be a nice on-line record for Logan to look back on some day and see what we did, what he did, and how we all felt about it.

I am obsessing a bit about SIDS. Since the Hoagster was born 5 weeks premature, he is at an increased risk for SIDS. At least he breastfeeds and sleeps right next to me so there is some mitigation of that risk (and on his back of course). I still just can't imagine my life without his cute babbling and smiles. Heck, even the fussing and crying would be missed. I did some research online about it and I don't think I will do that again. Some things are better left unknown. I have gone over and over the ways to reduce it, so that will have to be good enough.

So for a bad mom move on my part, I let his reflux meds go for the full two weeks. He is on Prilosec and it is compounded with flavoring, which has a shelf live of supposedly 14 days. Unfortunately, it is more like 12 days and I let it go too long. Nursing has been killer and I actually saw him arch for the first time in weeks this morning. I won't let the prescription go that long again. The list of "won't do agains" is getting longer by the minute.

On the oh-so-cute front, Logie is cooing so much more and just recently discovered a new noise that is a bit like a shriek. I will have to capture it on video and post it. He seems very proud of himself. He and I can goo and ga back and forth for quite a while now before he decides it is no longer fun and he needs a nap. All that vocalization can tucker a guy out.

Here is a clip taken this last week of Logan loving his "take me out to the ballgame" bear. Any singing makes him a happy man. Many thanks to Nana Masse for the gift, it's a winner!


megan said...

yeah for Logan's blog! we'll link you to ours asap. can't wait to see his vocalization video, heh!

Danielle Guimond said...

i love how you are keeping a journal for lil "hoagster". i think that when he is older, he will greatly appreciate the thoughtfulness you are putting into this! i look foward to reading more about your guy's son. he is beautiful, or shall i say handsome.

Squish said...

Ok, you're putting Squishy's blog to shame! We have to get back on the blog. Can't wait to be regularly updated on the little Submarine Sandwich!

hope said...

SO glad you are blogging! I've been dying for Logan deets.