Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Gone soft

So I mentioned it is hot? Wow. Is it ever. Yesterday was 96 degrees with 78% humidity. Now, coming from the east coast you would think Don and I could handle this weather, but no. We are pathetic. If there is a stiff breeze I am layering on the sweaters. Don't even get me started about rain. And heat is just as bad. All three of us are acclimated to a nice range of 60-80 degrees. NO humidity. A dry heat really is easier to take.

The heat combined with a barely functioning 25 year old air conditioner has made us a cranky household. Logan has been especially crabby, and I am praying he goes back to his old self before we fly 7 hours on Sunday. I have high hopes since everyone who hears about our trip tells us babies just sleep like crazy on a plane.

Anyway, I think we will head out to the mall tomorrow for relief. Too bad our malls are outdoors...

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