Friday, June 16, 2006

We did make it out to the Wild Animal Park on Thursday. While it was warm, there was a good breeze so it was very comfortable. I was afraid the hoagie would fry in his stroller, but he did just fine. We didn't ride the tram, which is the highlight of the park. Instead we walked around and went places we had never visited before. It was an awesome day. Mostly because Don was home at 10:30...

So we saw quite a few animals, despite being there at the hottest point in the day. There was a baby elephant out...
elephant baby

And we saw the lions too. We actually saw the lions in another exhibit as well, along with the adjoining tiger, which is unheard of. Usually they are hiding out in the grassy shade. In fact, I walked by the fence that the lioness had just wandered by a few minutes after her. Bad timing on my part, cause it would have been soooooo cool to see her face to face. There is only chain link fencing and a yard or so between the path and the enclosure (with a sign saying "watch out, these animals bite!" Duh...).

Logan pretty much slept the whole time so his view looked something like this...
logans view of the wild animal park

But when we pulled the blanket back, it was obvious he was enjoying himself.*
likes the wild animal park

He did wake up at the very end, so we have a record of him at the park. Don't we look comfortable? There were some picture taking snafus prior to this shot...
still smiling

Logan had a little tummy time when he got back home. In this picture you can really see his "monk" hair. He is totally Homer Simpson on top with just a few stray hairs hanging on.
hi daddy

After a few minutes he just couldn't take it anymore. Tummy time was just too much. Either that or he was sad Daddy was leaving for his bowling league (no, that isn't a typo, my husband is now part of a bowling league. He bowled a 196 last night! Go Don!!!). Either way, he went into "shut down" mode.
tuckered out

Tomorrow we try the beach again with H and M. Hopefully it isn't too windy, wish us luck!

*Note that Logan's outfit says Little Dribbler (thank you Chris and Missy!). I can assure you that Logie's dribbling was anything but little that day. He SOAKED my leg and shoe in the car before we headed into the park. Right after I got done saying he was a champion spit-upper. Guess he was just showing off. *shrug* Gotta love those urpy days...

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