Monday, February 23, 2009

Cute socks, cute dipe

Oh dear. I love girl clothes down to the diaper and socks.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009



Ah, I see it has been over two weeks since I last posted. Shame on me. The girl is doing well, she is up to 11.5 lbs and is currently asleep in her wrap. Which means she is pressing her nose into my chest as I type. Logan is fighting sleep, kicking around in his room, hoping I will go in there to tell him that a new day has begun. *eye roll*
You might notice that my last post was right before my parents left to go back home. It is a lot of work to watch the two of them by myself--even with daycare. Don is gone twice during the week so I do bedtime by myself. So far it has gone pretty well, in fact much better than I originally envisioned. It is a trick to do it all without losing my cool though, as Logan dilly-dallies once evening rolls around. I love it when tooth brushing lasts 10 minutes, 30 seconds of which consist of the brush actually in his mouth.
Some exciting news is that we are now in cloth diapers 100%. They are nicer to Aurora's skin, and while it is an initial investment, we will save big bucks down the line. She is going through so many diapers at the moment that we easily spend $60 a month keeping her behind covered. The ones we invested in (happy heinys, does every baby product have to have an insanely stupid name?) are all size, pocket dipes. So far, so good. She has a total bubble bum and looks super cute.


We went to the aquarium on Sunday and Logan blew through the exhibits in about 15 minutes. He had a lot of energy and was very excited to see all the fish. "Look at that fish!" was exclaimed at every tank, regardless if there were fish to be seen or not. He especially liked the eels. Though I think he thought they were a bit scary. Here we are in front of their "big" tank. It is a pretty small aquarium, but perfect for a morning out without being overwhelming.


Logan is tollerating being a big brother much better than he was when A first came home (I used to hear "I don't want to be a big brother" many times a day). Mostly he just ignores her, but he loooooves to be my special helper. Especially if he can shove her pacifier in her mouth. Anything that is prefaced by "Can you be my special helper and..." is sure to be met with enthusiasm. Why haven't I exploited this? Foolish.