Sunday, September 24, 2006

Loving the avocado

Logan had his first "solid" food today, avocado! He was very receptive to eating and enjoyed the soupy mess. Honestly though, he was quite neat about the whole thing, even though I put some in front of him to fool around with. The bib hardly got any on it. He ate more than I expected and I am very glad we waited until he was ready.

Here he is before the big event, just looking cute.

smiley kid

Here is his first bite and more...

first bite
so neat

And finally, here is a picture of me at the wedding with my new haircut...

carrie alone

Friday, September 22, 2006

Quadruple + 1

Logan is 17 lbs! Considering he started out in this world at a mere 4 lbs he is doing great. He was a real champ at the doctor's office today, especially since we were there over 2 hours. *sigh* I love my peditrician but I am not fond of the looooooong wait times. I do believe we will be switching soon...

The wedding weekend was great. It was such a whirlwind I barely remember what happened. I do know C and M were married in a wonderful ceremony, I saw all my college friends, and I witnessed a spectacular recreation of "High School Musical" in my friend's living room.

Don survived the weekend nicely. Logan behaved well both during the day and more importantly at night. Whew!

I promise to post pictures of a) Logan and b) my new haircut. :-)

Only 4 more days until Grammy and Grampa visit!

Monday, September 18, 2006


Don's grandmother (and last living grandparent) passed away last night. Unfortunately Logan was never able to meet her. These are the times when living on the other side of the country from family really stinks.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Well, make that Rhode Island. Things have been a bit dicey in the sleep department here in Hoagie-land. My formerly wonderful sleeper is now waking up several times a night. I figured out (belatedly) that he is simply hungry, so now he is a night-nurser once again. It has been so long since he woke up in the dead of night to eat that I was expecting the marathon sessions from the newborn days. Now it isn't even a big deal since it only takes him 15-20 minutes to eat.

I leave tomorrow for a weekend trip to see two beloved friends tie the knot on the East Coast so I will actually be able to catch up on some of my missing ZZZZZs. Poor Don however will be warming up a bottle at 2 am and again at 5 am all by himself. He will need some serious down time when I return. I feel guilty for looking forward to me time, and I feel even more guilty that Don will have a stressful weekend while I am having fun. And I feel very sad that I will be away from Logan for so long. Oh the torture of being a parent. I know it is silly, but the feelings are there nonetheless.

In other news Logan is sitting better than ever and has been continuing to do well at daycare. We have noticed a big improvement in his social skills since attending, which is nice. The wonderful Ms. T continues to be all we hoped for and more.

Sunshine is still on a weird eating strike, we really hope it ends soon. More attention really isn't doing the trick, nor is dry food, though it is helping some. She is running around like crazy though, so it hasn't affected her energy level...

I know there are about 1,000 other things to write about but I can't think of any of them right now. Wish us luck on our weekend apart and I will let you all know how it went when I return.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Rolling over

Here is Logan rolling over. What a week!

OMG - Sitting

Logan is sitting more and more. Crazy.

And he is 6 months today!!!