Sunday, September 24, 2006

Loving the avocado

Logan had his first "solid" food today, avocado! He was very receptive to eating and enjoyed the soupy mess. Honestly though, he was quite neat about the whole thing, even though I put some in front of him to fool around with. The bib hardly got any on it. He ate more than I expected and I am very glad we waited until he was ready.

Here he is before the big event, just looking cute.

smiley kid

Here is his first bite and more...

first bite
so neat

And finally, here is a picture of me at the wedding with my new haircut...

carrie alone


hope said...

What a tidy little guy you have there!

Oh, and your hair. I LOVE it. It looks so great on you!

party b said...

wow - love the hair!

I can't believe he's trying foods already! All these little babies are getting so big!!!