Friday, September 22, 2006

Quadruple + 1

Logan is 17 lbs! Considering he started out in this world at a mere 4 lbs he is doing great. He was a real champ at the doctor's office today, especially since we were there over 2 hours. *sigh* I love my peditrician but I am not fond of the looooooong wait times. I do believe we will be switching soon...

The wedding weekend was great. It was such a whirlwind I barely remember what happened. I do know C and M were married in a wonderful ceremony, I saw all my college friends, and I witnessed a spectacular recreation of "High School Musical" in my friend's living room.

Don survived the weekend nicely. Logan behaved well both during the day and more importantly at night. Whew!

I promise to post pictures of a) Logan and b) my new haircut. :-)

Only 4 more days until Grammy and Grampa visit!

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