Monday, July 31, 2006


Logan made a recent discovery....

Feet! Ah, a whole new world.

Happy Feet

Hey, what are these

Wish me luck, my first day of work is tomorrow... *gulp!*

Friday, July 28, 2006

Hoagie is a star!

We had professional photos taken while in Maine (thanks mom!) and he is up on the web site. Jeremi is sooooo talented and we love what we have seen so far.

One is him lounging on the couch (click on "laugh", click on the main pic, and then he is the bottom pic on the left), and the other is of our little family (click on "clients" and we pop up!).

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Last week

So this is my last week of maternity leave. I am sad to see it end, but happy that Don gets some bonding time with the Hoagie. We are so lucky that Logan has daycare all set up at the wonderful Mrs. H's house in September. I feel great about her and Logan had a good time meeting and looking at R, who is now 8 mths and sure to be his buddy. I am conflicted about going back. Obviously I am going to miss Logan like crazy, but i am craving some adult interaction and a slice of my "old" life.

We have spent the week sweating like crazy and lamenting our lack of an air conditioner.

sly devil

H and M are getting married this weekend so we have that excitement on our horizon. Logan will be attending the rehersal dinner and the ceremony. Here's hoping that he is well behaved! There was a whole babysitter fiasco, but luckily that is behind us.

Last weekend was soooooo freaking hot. Like over 100 at our appartment. This is unheard of here, so we went to Mission Bay. It was glorious weather and very good people watching (the folks next to us had not one, but TWO beer bongs! Woot!). We spent both days there and Hoagie even went in the water for the first time. He was unsure what to think at first, but with lots of encouragement he mostly enjoyed himself.

Logan's first swim

He also liked hanging out under the canopy. He has new sunglasses and found one of our Mike's Lemonades. He didn't want the contents, just the cool outside (yeah, right!).

Am I legal?

More to come, I promise it won't be so long next time. :-)

Monday, July 17, 2006

London Bridge is falling down...

Except it wasn't the London Bridge*, it was me and Logan. Yes folks, I fell with my baby in my arms today. The worst possible thing I can think of happening at home (well, not THE worst, but pretty close) was a reality today. I tripped over the stupid bouncy chair while trying to give a very unprofessional customer service rep my credit card code number. As I was falling all I could think of was to protect the Hoagie. Luckily he was unharmed but very surprised, and not in a happy way. I hurt my tush, but that is a small price to pay. Once I got up I started crying right along with Logan. In fact, Logan stopped for a bit but I didn't and then he was sympathy crying along with me. It was bad. Anyhow, I called his pediatrician office and they called back to tell me unless he was acting out of sorts not to worry and that falling is quite common. So my experience wasn't as serious as the one at Addition Problems, but it was VERY scary and one I never want to repeat. I am glad his 4 mth check up is tomorrow so he will be seen within 24 hours of the incident. *sigh*

*I have been trying to remember the words to this song for weeks but have been too lazy to look them up.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

And many more...

Logan hickey
Originally uploaded by targetgirl619.

Today I turn 31. Usually I am bugging Don about my birthday for months in advance. This year I didn't even realize it was this weekend until Monday (gasp!). Obviously there are other priorities.

Don gave me great presents, including the shirt in the picture above. Sadly, I wore this out today and didn't realize until he took the pic a few minutes ago that I left the size strip on. Neither did he. What a duo. We are not working on all cylinders as I spent last night at an informal b-day party at H's place, and Don was at M's (H's fiance) Bachelor Party. We planned poorly as we were too tired to even go out for dinner. Luckily the nice folks who were going to babysit Logan are able to do it next week instead. *sigh* How times have changed!

Logan also gave me a nice present, the hickey in the picture. I didn't realize he was sucking that hard on my arm as I bounced on the exercise ball. He decided napping was so totally passe today, and was a little cranky because of that. Fingers crossed that this is just a phase...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wide open spaces

Darn. I just lost a whole post. Grrrr.

Anyway, I promised pictures from Balboa Park and here they are. We had a nice set-up (unfortunately under a flowering tree that dropped all sorts of goodies onto our stuff) and it all fit over my shoulder on on/under the stroller. Oh, and you can see some of Balboa Park in the background. We are very fortunate to live by such a wonderful open space.

Our hangout

Here is me and Logan sharing some love...

Mommy kiss

Logan has been batting at things for a little while now, but he has just started grabbing. Now he can shake his own rattle, though I am sure he is much more excited about being able to eat it...

eating the rattle

Finally, here is a picture of J and Hoagie...

Jen and Hoagie

You may notice Logan is wearing a different outfit in the last picture. We had a blow-out that was quite explosive. Changing and much washing off ensued. Mmmmmm...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Home Again

It has taken me a long time to do this post because there is so much to report. Logan flew like a champ both to Maine and on the way back. He was kind of over flying on the second leg of our flight into Manchester, but it was only an hour and he was asleep by the time we landed. I had a panic attack while waiting in line for curb-side check-in after discovering that we left the bjorn at home. That was going to be my secret weapon on the plane to combat fussiness, but no such luck. And I didn't have it on the list, so that is what I get for not-so-hot planning. See, I really am bad at packing! We also forgot his sunglasses, and those would have come in really handy.

are we there yet

When we arrived we stopped for dinner in one of my all-time favorite cities, Portsmouth, NH. The next day three of my wonderful college friends, one husband, and three kids came to visit. Logan officially met his friend C, as the last time we saw them he was still in utero, though just barely. Fun was had by all and I am happy to report I will see all of them again in September for a wedding that should be absolutely beautiful--not just for the location, but the couple is perfect for one another. Hooray! Unfortunately Logan and Don won't be able to attend, so it will be a bit bittersweet for me.

We spent lots of time with my mom's family and my great-aunt J even came down to meet Logan. My mom's parent's passed on quite a while ago, so Aunt J has filled in as a surrogate g-ma for us. She is wonderful, so it was a real treat to see her. We had a faboo time hanging with my cousin A, she kept us very busy and the Hoagie LOVED her. This cannot be overstated! We also had a new addition to the clan, with cousin K born just shy of two weeks ago. It was amazing how tiny she is at a little over 7 lbs, and that Logan was sooooo much smaller than that when he came home. K's mom looks great and we were all more than happy to snuggle with the little girl.

My dad's family came into town for a reunion of sorts, and that was very fun. Hoagie was a superstar and his great grandma was very in love. Nothing like a baby to bring out the spark in everyone.

We boated,

oh no

played on a new mat,

I see myself

looked at the water while nursing,

nursing view 2

and smiled, cooed, giggled, and generally LOVED on his cousin A.

Smiling at Amy

I love my girlfriend

Today we hung out at Balboa Park and had lunch with our friend J at the Japanese Tea Garden. More pics to follow.

Glad to be home, but missing everyone back east. Hoagie agrees...

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The friendly skies

Tomorrow is the big day. We fly xcountry to visit my family in the northeast. The weather here was just a prep for the mugginess to come. I am pleased to report there will be 2 air conditioners at the cottage/house.

I am a bit nervous for our 7 hours of flying, but we are almost all packed so I am confident we will be ready. I am not much of a packer, so this process is pretty nasty. I usually bring way too much of the wrong things. This time there are lists. And things are getting crossed off. That is such a nice feeling of acomplishment.

packing blues

Hoagie is starting to really grasp and swat at things. Really he is just too cute. Here is a photo of him konked out after a particularly grueling session.

what a grip

And I moved our bunny mobile over our bed instead of sort of near our changing table. So far, it is a total hit. And he loves the ceiling fan. Life is good.

bunny mobile