Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Home Again

It has taken me a long time to do this post because there is so much to report. Logan flew like a champ both to Maine and on the way back. He was kind of over flying on the second leg of our flight into Manchester, but it was only an hour and he was asleep by the time we landed. I had a panic attack while waiting in line for curb-side check-in after discovering that we left the bjorn at home. That was going to be my secret weapon on the plane to combat fussiness, but no such luck. And I didn't have it on the list, so that is what I get for not-so-hot planning. See, I really am bad at packing! We also forgot his sunglasses, and those would have come in really handy.

are we there yet

When we arrived we stopped for dinner in one of my all-time favorite cities, Portsmouth, NH. The next day three of my wonderful college friends, one husband, and three kids came to visit. Logan officially met his friend C, as the last time we saw them he was still in utero, though just barely. Fun was had by all and I am happy to report I will see all of them again in September for a wedding that should be absolutely beautiful--not just for the location, but the couple is perfect for one another. Hooray! Unfortunately Logan and Don won't be able to attend, so it will be a bit bittersweet for me.

We spent lots of time with my mom's family and my great-aunt J even came down to meet Logan. My mom's parent's passed on quite a while ago, so Aunt J has filled in as a surrogate g-ma for us. She is wonderful, so it was a real treat to see her. We had a faboo time hanging with my cousin A, she kept us very busy and the Hoagie LOVED her. This cannot be overstated! We also had a new addition to the clan, with cousin K born just shy of two weeks ago. It was amazing how tiny she is at a little over 7 lbs, and that Logan was sooooo much smaller than that when he came home. K's mom looks great and we were all more than happy to snuggle with the little girl.

My dad's family came into town for a reunion of sorts, and that was very fun. Hoagie was a superstar and his great grandma was very in love. Nothing like a baby to bring out the spark in everyone.

We boated,

oh no

played on a new mat,

I see myself

looked at the water while nursing,

nursing view 2

and smiled, cooed, giggled, and generally LOVED on his cousin A.

Smiling at Amy

I love my girlfriend

Today we hung out at Balboa Park and had lunch with our friend J at the Japanese Tea Garden. More pics to follow.

Glad to be home, but missing everyone back east. Hoagie agrees...

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