Sunday, July 16, 2006

And many more...

Logan hickey
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Today I turn 31. Usually I am bugging Don about my birthday for months in advance. This year I didn't even realize it was this weekend until Monday (gasp!). Obviously there are other priorities.

Don gave me great presents, including the shirt in the picture above. Sadly, I wore this out today and didn't realize until he took the pic a few minutes ago that I left the size strip on. Neither did he. What a duo. We are not working on all cylinders as I spent last night at an informal b-day party at H's place, and Don was at M's (H's fiance) Bachelor Party. We planned poorly as we were too tired to even go out for dinner. Luckily the nice folks who were going to babysit Logan are able to do it next week instead. *sigh* How times have changed!

Logan also gave me a nice present, the hickey in the picture. I didn't realize he was sucking that hard on my arm as I bounced on the exercise ball. He decided napping was so totally passe today, and was a little cranky because of that. Fingers crossed that this is just a phase...

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