Saturday, July 01, 2006

The friendly skies

Tomorrow is the big day. We fly xcountry to visit my family in the northeast. The weather here was just a prep for the mugginess to come. I am pleased to report there will be 2 air conditioners at the cottage/house.

I am a bit nervous for our 7 hours of flying, but we are almost all packed so I am confident we will be ready. I am not much of a packer, so this process is pretty nasty. I usually bring way too much of the wrong things. This time there are lists. And things are getting crossed off. That is such a nice feeling of acomplishment.

packing blues

Hoagie is starting to really grasp and swat at things. Really he is just too cute. Here is a photo of him konked out after a particularly grueling session.

what a grip

And I moved our bunny mobile over our bed instead of sort of near our changing table. So far, it is a total hit. And he loves the ceiling fan. Life is good.

bunny mobile

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Kwynne said...

Have a great trip! We are also flying out on the 5th, only a 3 hour flight, but this is new territory! Can't wait to hear how things go!