Monday, August 27, 2007

Unexpected stillness

We have a weekend routine that is working really well for us. It will have to be altered some when Don starts Saturday classes in a few weeks (don't get me started on how unhappy we are about this, however they can't be avoided), but currently things are great. Don gets up with the boy on Saturday and I sleep in until 8 or so. The responsibilities are reversed on Sunday.

Sometimes I don't want to get up early simply because I love sleeping in. And by sleeping in, I mean getting up after 6:30. It's really hit or miss with the boy as to what time our morning will begin. Don got lucky a few days last week and Hoagie slept until 7:30. This is unheard of. He totally has my morning person personality, and I love him for it. As a girl, I used to turn my clock radio forward (the kind with the flippy numbers) until my allowed wake-up time so I could go get my parents early. I have a feeling he will be the same. As an adult 5:30 really isn't that great. It's dark out, you probably stayed up later than 7:30 pm, and nothing is open. Even the cat is still sleeping. Try telling that to a toddler though and he won't care.

So Saturday night I told Don that he needed to get up on Sunday because of his recent good luck and extra sleep (never mind that it was his birthday and all). I was half kidding and feeling guilty that I wasn't gung-ho about spending time with Logan in the wee morning hours.

Well, I am glad I didn't shirk my duties because Sunday morning my child (yes! my child!) cuddled with me voluntarily. It was glorious and he was mostly still. This is quite a feat for our "always busy" boy. He also brought me two books to read and he sat on my lap for almost all of them. He has no need for endings, I guess he likes a cliffhanger.

Anyway, I thought this wonderful morning should be recorded in history, as who knows when the cuddling will repeat itself. The books are becoming a steady thing, but the snuggles? They are fleeting. And it makes them all the more special. *swoon*

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Ok, before I blog about about Maine, I am instructed to tell you that Don Jr actually won the mini golf game. He was very put out that I would congratulate Don Sr and myself for our holes in one (which in my opinion are way cooler) than his win. Um, someone wins EVERY game. Holes in one are not guarenteed. But I digress...

Maine was so relaxing. I feel like my parents have been there forever, which they haven't. They have only been there three summers now, and NH feels like a world away. The new cottage is superior in so many ways, not the least of which is that it is close to much of my family. We saw cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, more cousins, and longtime friends. We are so lucky that many traveled long distances to see us, and the only dark spot on the visit was that we missed Miss C and her mom B (hope she is long past her stomach bug!).

Not surprisingly, Logan learned the word "boat" while we were there. Despite the annoying life vest, he enjoyed standing on the party boat and had a good time busying himself on it when it was parked.

riding the boat


We were super busy every day socializing and visiting family, but it was all so laid back that it wasn't too much. Most notably we saw a five act play put on for us by my friend S' children that culminated in a kissing scene. Who knew they would stage a romance? We loved it. Another highlight was seeing my grandparents and Logan's immediate love for them. He really took to them instantly. It was lovely to watch, but made me a little sad that he was not able to meet Shirley's mom before she passed last fall.

great granparent love

Logan was introduced to my Uncle K's garage, which holds many little people treasures. I am not sure who had more fun, K or Logan. Either way, they were both entertained leaving Don and I to socialize with the other big people and drink yummy margaritas. Fun for all!

Uncle Kens Wagon

We had a fantastic lobster roll lunch on the coast (where L dipped his hand into the atlantic ocean, making him truly bi-costal) on the last day. I can't believe the woman who took this picture actually got us all smiling as L was acting like a complete grump/monster and my dad was on the verge of a horrible cold.


My cousin M was about to head off to college (And has now since left, good luck M! We are so excited for you!!!) and we were lucky to see him and meet his girlfriend S. I rode on the jetski with my cousin K and we had a great dinner, culminating in birthday pie for Don. He is now 36! 36! Old man. Hee hee!

Happy birthday Don-36

And because he's cute, here is L in the water.

low hat

There and back again

We're home!

We had a wonderful time and miss everyone already. We started our east coast tour in the Poconos at Lake Harmony. The place was perfect (though a bit dated, I think the Poconos heyday was in the 80s) and the weather was good. We even heard/saw a late night electrical storm! Such a treat, as you know SD has very little weather variation. *sigh* Rough life. Don's parents treated us like royalty and we did lots of interesting stuff.

We visited Don's brother and his family in Central PA. We met the girl for the first time. She is SOOOOOOO cute! So cute. Very serious, just like Logan. She even scrunches her nose and gives the same look he does. Logan loved being around another little person and was generous with his hugs. He also loved Katie's toy collection. It was great to see them and their house. They have made many improvements since we were there for the wedding five years ago (gulp!).


wrinkle nose

We saw Boulder Field, on a rain day no less, and it was so cool. Logan checked it out from the Ergo and gave his stoic gaze of approval.

boulder field

We played mini golf (the resort had a HARD course on site) where Don Sr. and I both got holes in one. Woo hoo! There was no gloating though...

Don hole in one

We went into Jim Thorpe where we rode the railroad that has restored 1920s cars. It was so beautiful and Logan loved it. Unfortunatley, you are going to have to take my word for it since al the pictures were lost. *crying silently* We stopped at the Jim Thorpe memorial on the way back as well, which was the highlight of the trip for my father in law. Many pictures were taken to commemorate the event, and, again, were all lost. Logan cried the whole way home, maybe he knew the pics were going to be lost in advance.

The traveling parts went relatively well, much much much better than I envisioned. I was kind of dreading the trip--not the seeing people part, but the traveling hours on a plane with a toddler part. Logan was great. He slept, ate, and was in general good humor most of the time. Who can ask for more?

I will post the second part in a bit, familial duties call...

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Virtually the only way I can do it...

Can I just tell you how much I love the idea of a virtual shower? I think they should all be like that so I (selfishly) would never have to attend another torture-fest in person. But, shockingly, this post is not about me.

To Bri, Wes, and TK...I know I float about the edges of the IVP, but your story and struggles have been a part of my life. I hope you know how many people you have touched with your openness and honesty. I wish you the most emotionally freeing birth, excellent bonding with TK, and a deeper love between the two of you. I know you are scared, and nothing I say is going to make it go away, but it is just a small moment of your relationship. An important one, to be sure, but fleeting really in the scope of things.

Enough of that, bring on the virtual presents! I notice you haven't really gotten any virtual things. Which is the best sort of present for those undergoing major home renovations. So here is a rocker from Modern Tots that I will go out on a limb and say you and Wes might like. Don and I fancy ourselves a little modern too, and happy to see someone living our dream. To TK I present the Olga Rocker...

modern rocker

Happy VS Bri, Wes, and TK!!!!!