Saturday, August 25, 2007


Ok, before I blog about about Maine, I am instructed to tell you that Don Jr actually won the mini golf game. He was very put out that I would congratulate Don Sr and myself for our holes in one (which in my opinion are way cooler) than his win. Um, someone wins EVERY game. Holes in one are not guarenteed. But I digress...

Maine was so relaxing. I feel like my parents have been there forever, which they haven't. They have only been there three summers now, and NH feels like a world away. The new cottage is superior in so many ways, not the least of which is that it is close to much of my family. We saw cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, more cousins, and longtime friends. We are so lucky that many traveled long distances to see us, and the only dark spot on the visit was that we missed Miss C and her mom B (hope she is long past her stomach bug!).

Not surprisingly, Logan learned the word "boat" while we were there. Despite the annoying life vest, he enjoyed standing on the party boat and had a good time busying himself on it when it was parked.

riding the boat


We were super busy every day socializing and visiting family, but it was all so laid back that it wasn't too much. Most notably we saw a five act play put on for us by my friend S' children that culminated in a kissing scene. Who knew they would stage a romance? We loved it. Another highlight was seeing my grandparents and Logan's immediate love for them. He really took to them instantly. It was lovely to watch, but made me a little sad that he was not able to meet Shirley's mom before she passed last fall.

great granparent love

Logan was introduced to my Uncle K's garage, which holds many little people treasures. I am not sure who had more fun, K or Logan. Either way, they were both entertained leaving Don and I to socialize with the other big people and drink yummy margaritas. Fun for all!

Uncle Kens Wagon

We had a fantastic lobster roll lunch on the coast (where L dipped his hand into the atlantic ocean, making him truly bi-costal) on the last day. I can't believe the woman who took this picture actually got us all smiling as L was acting like a complete grump/monster and my dad was on the verge of a horrible cold.


My cousin M was about to head off to college (And has now since left, good luck M! We are so excited for you!!!) and we were lucky to see him and meet his girlfriend S. I rode on the jetski with my cousin K and we had a great dinner, culminating in birthday pie for Don. He is now 36! 36! Old man. Hee hee!

Happy birthday Don-36

And because he's cute, here is L in the water.

low hat


calliope said...

awesome photos!

Hope said...

So glad that your trip was faboo! We've missed your online presense, though. The next time you are in central PA, let us know. We love a good road trip.