Saturday, August 25, 2007

There and back again

We're home!

We had a wonderful time and miss everyone already. We started our east coast tour in the Poconos at Lake Harmony. The place was perfect (though a bit dated, I think the Poconos heyday was in the 80s) and the weather was good. We even heard/saw a late night electrical storm! Such a treat, as you know SD has very little weather variation. *sigh* Rough life. Don's parents treated us like royalty and we did lots of interesting stuff.

We visited Don's brother and his family in Central PA. We met the girl for the first time. She is SOOOOOOO cute! So cute. Very serious, just like Logan. She even scrunches her nose and gives the same look he does. Logan loved being around another little person and was generous with his hugs. He also loved Katie's toy collection. It was great to see them and their house. They have made many improvements since we were there for the wedding five years ago (gulp!).


wrinkle nose

We saw Boulder Field, on a rain day no less, and it was so cool. Logan checked it out from the Ergo and gave his stoic gaze of approval.

boulder field

We played mini golf (the resort had a HARD course on site) where Don Sr. and I both got holes in one. Woo hoo! There was no gloating though...

Don hole in one

We went into Jim Thorpe where we rode the railroad that has restored 1920s cars. It was so beautiful and Logan loved it. Unfortunatley, you are going to have to take my word for it since al the pictures were lost. *crying silently* We stopped at the Jim Thorpe memorial on the way back as well, which was the highlight of the trip for my father in law. Many pictures were taken to commemorate the event, and, again, were all lost. Logan cried the whole way home, maybe he knew the pics were going to be lost in advance.

The traveling parts went relatively well, much much much better than I envisioned. I was kind of dreading the trip--not the seeing people part, but the traveling hours on a plane with a toddler part. Logan was great. He slept, ate, and was in general good humor most of the time. Who can ask for more?

I will post the second part in a bit, familial duties call...

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