Thursday, October 30, 2008


Our house is officially ready for Halloween tomorrow! Now let's hope we get some actual trick-or-treaters...

Spider 08

Pumpkins 08

Bright pumpkins 08

Friday, October 17, 2008


Logan's language seems to be getting a lot more sophisticated. He has had a few things lately that have had me in stitches...

Before we started eating dinner last night I filled up our empty soy sauce bottle. We had sushi (what a delicacy!), which Logan really likes. About halfway though the meal Logan says:

L: Hey guys, do you remember when that soy bottle was empty?

This is notable only because he has never addressed Don and I together as "hey guys" and he has never referred back to something in the past with a "do you remember" type statement. We were totally rolling!


L and I were outside and he came over to me with chalk in his hand...

L: Does drawing make your belly hurt?
Me: No. Drawing doesn't make my belly hurt. My belly is fine right now.
L: Drawing makes you feel my better?
Me: Yes, sometimes drawing makes me feel all better.
L: Good. Mommy draws a shark. NOW.

I love how he was just testing the waters...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Logan: I have a superfast watch.

C: Oh, you have a superfast watch?

L: Yes, it gives you time outs. Get in the chair. Three minutes.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Things of note

We have procured the services of two very interesting and (hopefully) great women in the last 24 hours. A doula and a babysitter, hooray! Our doula from Logan's birth is pregnant and suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, which is like the worst morning sickness you can possibly imagine x 100. So obviously she isn't available to attend a December birth. I thought I had someone else, but she turned out to be not quite as upfront as she should have been and took another client. Clearly it wasn't meant to be. Instead we found a woman who is perfect in so many ways. To say I am both excited and relieved is a total understatement!

Then last night I went to this "speed interviewing" thing for local babysitters called Sitter Socials where I met a great woman right away. Of course then I had to interview another 15 people, but that was ok. It gave me practise and showed me viable alternatives. Anyway, I am thrilled that we can actually go out and have a standing date 2x a month. Hooray! Only 2.5 years into this parenting thing...

Also, we are having an Oktoberfest party tomorrow with our lovely, lovely neighbors. We are providing the beer, snacks, and a backyard. They are making (from scratch, because they are, you know, crazy) sausages, sides, and other yummy goodies. Should be a good time, though we didn't really send out the invite with tons of notice so who knows how many people will actually show up. Last night the set-up for the huge Oktoberfest fair was in full swing, it was amazing to see the Blvd getting transformed into a giant, tacky street fair. Just this time last year the lovely S family was visiting. We miss you!

In other very exciting news, my wonderful college girlfriend B had her second girl yesterday!!! She has certainly not had an easy go of it recently, so this joyous occasion is more special than ever. Congrats B! We love you so much.