Friday, October 17, 2008


Logan's language seems to be getting a lot more sophisticated. He has had a few things lately that have had me in stitches...

Before we started eating dinner last night I filled up our empty soy sauce bottle. We had sushi (what a delicacy!), which Logan really likes. About halfway though the meal Logan says:

L: Hey guys, do you remember when that soy bottle was empty?

This is notable only because he has never addressed Don and I together as "hey guys" and he has never referred back to something in the past with a "do you remember" type statement. We were totally rolling!


L and I were outside and he came over to me with chalk in his hand...

L: Does drawing make your belly hurt?
Me: No. Drawing doesn't make my belly hurt. My belly is fine right now.
L: Drawing makes you feel my better?
Me: Yes, sometimes drawing makes me feel all better.
L: Good. Mommy draws a shark. NOW.

I love how he was just testing the waters...

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menico said...

I just think it is soo fitting that you have a kid that demands sidewalk chalk drawings.