Sunday, July 11, 2010

Aurora update

I haven't posted here in a while (*oops!*), so here is a long-overdue Aurora update.
  • She still loves being worn, I am so thankful! The only problem is that my mei tai stash is going unused because she is up/down/up/down. So I sold a bunch and invested in buckle carriers. I seriously have a problem.
  • Unlike Logan, she is a "I do it" kid. Logan was so happy to have us do anything for him, and Aurora gets pissed off.
  • She loves sunscreen. She desperately wants to have some if anyone is putting it on. Weird, I hate the stuff.
  • She is still obsessed with shoes, although will tolerate others not wearing any now. She used to insist everyone had shoes on. She throws stuff all the time out of frustration. This kid has a temper! It stinks because her consequences are different than Logan's and he doesn't like that so much.
  • She is talking in sentences. It is unreal--Logan barely said anything intelligible before 2. It is so strange to have a verbal kid.
Amazing how different they are.
Today we are off to a bug festival at a botanical garden up in Encinitas. Our bug-obsessed boy is very excited!

Logan and Aurora violating my computer.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another overheard

Upon learning that Logan, Aurora, and I needed to go back into the restaurant we had just left to get our house keys, Logan exclaimed:

Oh shucking whistles!


Saturday, April 10, 2010


Logan is playing nicely by himself with "robot" he built out of legos. I heard him say...

"Here is the peacemaker, here is the peacemaker!"

" What is the peacemaker?"

"The peace maker makes pieces and gives pieces to the other robots! Patoo patoo!"

For a moment there I thought he actually had a nice, non-violent robot in his army...