Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday morning

I never imagined my Friday mornings would involve chasing the three trash trucks that pick up green waste, recycling, and trash down the street while nursing the baby. Logan sure does love those trucks.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Of course you don't!

Today we spent a lot of time outside because we had the tub resurfaced and it stunk up the whole house. Unfortunately Sunshine was trapped under our bed where the fumes were totally overpowering. I had to go in and rescue her, and she was completely traumatized. I let her outside and then we went to the backyard. Logan could not stop thinking about her and kept asking me where Sunshine went. I didn't know and told him as much. Over. and over. and over. I think he asked me where that d*(# cat was every 10 seconds for 5 minutes. Finally I cracked.

Me: Logan, you are driving me CRAZY!
Lo: Mama, I can't do that! I don't know how to drive!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Babymoon over

Wow. I didn't change the blog name to mean done writing! I guess I have been lost in our world of babies and 3 yr olds. Anyhow, I'm back. Things are good here. Aurora just started taking a bottle today, in time to start daycare in 1.5 weeks. I am trying to enjoy the last of my maternity leave, but this past week was challenging. VERY challenging. The longest dr appt in recorded history, cranky kids from shots, and the topper? LICE. Yes, lice. The gift that keeps on giving. But all that aside, Logan is doing great and Aurora is growing like a weed. She went from the 15th % across the board at birth to the 75th now. She is a chunk! Her thighs are something to behold.

We went on vacation last week to Palm Springs with Nana and PopPop. It was fantastic. Though I have to be honest and say that vacations just aren't the same with kids. Especially babies who don't like their routines interrupted. So I was exhausted and very crabby a few days in. Fun! I righted myself with a nice long nap and adjusted expectations. We even got a night out! Not too shabby.

More to come, as I am back blogging I won't keep all the cuteness to myself...