Sunday, February 25, 2007


A little tiny bit of a tooth broke through. Pictures to come when he lets me look at it.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

A little from column A, a little from column B

First, Evite does not recognize the word evite in its spell check. Doesn't that seem odd?

Second, not to jinx things as it can all fall apart at any time, buuuuuuuut, the condo is in escrow! That's right, I said ESCROW!!!!!!!!!! Hooray! 30 days till close. Gulp! We are all wildly excited and hopeful (cautiously optimistic) here at casa Masse-Brown.

Third, Nana will be pleased to hear that Logan is doing "Soooooooo big!" like a champ! We didn't do it for a while so it was like teaching him from scratch, but he got it! And now he loves it. I will take a video soon. We are now working on identifying where his nose is. It is slow going...

Fourth, the last boss I had at JNI (I had soooo many bosses there) passed away yesterday. Not long ago he was a healthy man in his mid 50s. He went in about a year and a half ago for a routine colon operation and ended up with contamination from the procedure. He endured 7 months of surgeries and rehab, and seemed to be on the road to recovery. Unfortunately he had some serious issues around Christmas time and went downhill fast. I hadn't spoken with him since I went to a reunion thing a while back, so I never saw what he looked like after his medical battles. I am glad I have a vital image of him in my mind. My heart goes out to his family, who has certainly been through more than I can ever imagine.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Never again.

Never again will I ever live in a home with white tile floors. I swear I clean them 5 times a day. And I don't clean! Babies are messy. It's maddening. Not the messy baby part, the "everything shows up on white tile" part, just to clarify.


Hoagie went bowling yesterday. I am happy to proclaim the event a success. We were thinking of a bowling birthday party, so it will be nice that honoree won't be a crying scared mess. Cause that doesn't seem like the most fun for anyone really. Don did quite well, and rolled a 144 on his last game. I didn't break 100, but I did score in the 90s both times. Better than my normal 60-ish score. Logan looked around and smiled at our neighbors. We also make the grave mistake of eating lunch at the alley. All I can say is it was wrong. So wrong. I think we ate chicken strips, but really there is no telling what it was. Ugh.

Later on yesterday we made an insane trip to Ik*a and Low*s. The first was horrid. Busy, filled with clueless people blocking the isles (if you can even call them that) with carts. Madness. The second was much more calm. We bought new fire alarms and now we have four working ones in our 770 sq ft condo (one of which is also a carbon monoxide detector). I think we are prepared.

Today is rainy, actually VERY rainy for San Diego, not the typical drizzle. I would like it, but I am not working today and was hoping to get in a long walk with Don and Hoagie. Another day.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

A day at the bay

We had a good time with H. Logan was a good sport and enjoyed the people watching. Photos below...

grass feet

contemplating leaves

Looking around at MB

*cue angels singing*

I am far from a religious woman, but I think the incident that happened here today can only be called a miracle. Logan went down for a nap--at home--with no bouncing, rocking, getting him sleepy, or (most importantly) CRYING. Not even a peep! I put him down on his belly, said have a good nap--I'll see you when you wake up, turned on the white noise (what just a few weeks ago would have been a fatal flaw in the routine, turning on the white noise AFTER he was already in the crib), left the room, and closed the door behind me. Then he quietly fell asleep. Hallelujah! The patron saint of this miracle (is that the right terminology? anyway...) is our lovely and wonderful daycare provider Ms. T. We love her. So. Much.

Um, I hesitate to mention this, but it's 77 degrees today. Hoagie and I are going for a walk around the bay with H. Should be lovely.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Air Conditioning

I actually had to turn it on in the car today. Just sayin'.

So Logan loooooved his valentines day balloons and needed to carry them with him everywhere. Today the novelty has so worn off and he is on to bigger and better things. Climbing. Great. And covering everything in his path with snot.

I *think* he might actually be using mama in context. Don agrees and I really want it to be true. It's a tentative contextual usage.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. Then a three day weekend! Yippee! Oh, and tomorrow Logan will be 2 weeks away from turning 1. Holy cow. Where did the year go!?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines!

Better than's video!
Sorry for the lameness in posting, everyone's been under the weather. More to come later.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


I visit and post at a few parenting web sites, especially the ones I belonged to when we were trying for Logan and while pregnant. On one site, I "belonged" to a board where everyone was due in April. Well, since Logan came early I check out the March board sometimes as well. Both are still active and it is interesting to see how the kids and parents are growing. Sometimes though, you just have to wonder how people don't kill their kids. Seriously.

One woman from the March board gives her daughter Gerber's Graduates Chicken, Turkey or Meat Sticks every night for dinner. You know, because she LOVES them and couldn't possibly eat anything else. And for lunch this same kid eats vienna sausages heated in BUTTER. And for breakfast this 11 month old girl eats a breakfast sausage. EVERY DAY. Oh, and by the by, this baby also likes liverwurst and Spam. Spam! At 11mths old!!! So this mother goes on to ask if this might be bad for her kid. You know, she has an idea that it probably isn't the best, but her daughter just LOVES it soooooo much she can't say no.

What?!?!?!?!?!? Only slightly less disturbing is the fact that everyone who replied to her has really evaded the obvious. Duh, that is not ok! She doesn't even need to eat meat at all right now, never mind 3x a day!

Ok, parenting rant over. This one was just too much for me to let it pass.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

This post was really here on Friday night...really

This is what I would have written yesterday evening...

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!! I am so looking forward to this weekend it is shameful. Nothing wrong with the job, just glad to not get up at 5am.

Did I mention we are adjusting the night time feeds here? He usually would get up to eat at 2ish and 4-5ish. I decided that he can go till 3:30-4am and that can be his only night time eating. Our first night was great, the second night resulted in a 2am argument between Don and I (you know how productive those are) but it has been much better for the last 3 nights. Yay! As I suspected, he took to it with no problem. I am glad I successfully identified when he was ready and made the change. Unfortunately teething (at glacial pace I might add) is causing a few other night time wakings, but those are Don's. So in theory I should be getting more sleep. Ha. ha.

Logan and I went to P*tsmart yesterday to get Sunshine some food and such. We went into the adoption room and he loooooved looking at all the cats. Giggles and everything. Isn't it amazing how young children are drawn to animals? He also liked the birds. And you will be very happy to hear we did not walk out with a new pet. Now that we are settled into the one pet in our house routine, it is a much happier existence for all. In fact, I am currently watching a rowdy game of "chase Sunshine around the appt." I can't imagine doing it with 3!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


No pics today. I promise tomorrow.

So we have all had a cold for the last week and a half. Don of course got it "the worst" because he is, well, a guy. And it is proven that when anyone is sick in a household, the guy gets it 10-fold over everyone else. Well, funny how the two boys are recovering nicely, yet my cold has firmly planted itself into my right sinus. I even have a toothache it is so nasty. *sigh* And I really dislike my primary care Dr, so I am putting off calling or going to see him. Booo!

Logan has started to care a lot more about being right near me. When playing, he often comes over to where I am and just checks in. I don't know what was different about today, but he really was up in my business. Doesn't he know I am trying to reread The Half-Blood Prince? And I find it just as intriguing as I did the first time around? Geez, Don was on the floor and everything. I guess I am just that interesting. Hee!

He stood again unassisted today and then plopped down on his bum. He really wanted to hold onto me when he was on his own, and he gave me a particularly pouty look when he was sitting. Like "how could you do that to me?!?!" Also, I was going back and looking at some old videos and Hoagie and I watched one with Sunshine. When I said "Sunshine" in the video Logan looked right over at the real live Sunshine and giggled. Then of course he had to get down so he could go grab a chunk of fur off her tail. He doesn't quite get "gentle" yet, but we are working on it. Smart devil!

Ok, off to go immerse myself in the book and pass out at the late hour of 8pm. Woot!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


So the boy stood unassisted several times today. Unprovoked as well. Crap. Better get those cinder blocks ready...

In other exciting news, Hoagie has gone down for a nap awake and with no crying for the last two days at daycare. Woot!

Don had a big presentation today at school and he totally aced it. As if there were any other alternative. Go Don!

Pictures tomorrow...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


New roof=good
Process of getting new roof=loud
Napping when loud=bad
New roof=bad?

Nah, just inconvenient. I mean don't those people up there know that my kid is trying to sleep for a measly 45 minutes?

Logan was very much and independent player today. He only took out a small portion of his books and he was very content to noodle around with his stacking cups. He was even trying very hard to put a ring from another toy inside one of the cups. Very smart.

We all saw possibly the most beautiful San Diego sunrise ever this morning. Don and Logan from our back porch and me on the way to work. It was amazing and my view was truly magnificent. The whole bay (San Diego bay, not Mission Bay) was lit up pink. All words will fail to portray the beauty, so I will stop there.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Radio ON

Ahem...(just clearing my throat, it's rusty)

So, we are still here in the land of sunshine and nasty colds. Sorry the blog went to static for so long, and to make up for it I promise to blog every day (yes, that said EVERY DAY) until Hoagie's birthday. So almost a whole month. Granted it is the shortest month of the year, but let's not get nit-picky.

Hoagie is doing great. He is pulling up and cruising on everything. We think he may walk soon. I am considering tying cement blocks to his little legs so this doesn't happen. Bad mom? Why yes, yes, that's me. I am just getting used to the crawling! He is sooOOoooOOooOo busy. I can only imagine how nuts it will be with the walking.

Yesterday he added a new sound to his repetoire, nanananananana. Very exciting, as I think his first word just might be Na-na, which is what we call our cat. Sure, Sunshine is her given name, but one day lo 3 years ago, I said to Don, you know, as long as it sounds like Sunshine, we could really call her anything, like na-na (sung in the same lilt as her name). So I tried it out and she responded. Na-na has been around ever since. And weasel, which she also responds to, but that doesn't really have a story. She just kinda looks like a weasel to us. Anyhow, I digress. Also exciting is the fact that mamamamama has also returned. Not directed at me mind you, but it is there. I have high hopes.

Here are a few pics to pull you through until tomorrow...

He hated grass until yesterday.

no grass!

He is cute.

smiley hold

He likes his new stroller a whole lot.

stroller boy