Tuesday, February 06, 2007


New roof=good
Process of getting new roof=loud
Napping when loud=bad
New roof=bad?

Nah, just inconvenient. I mean don't those people up there know that my kid is trying to sleep for a measly 45 minutes?

Logan was very much and independent player today. He only took out a small portion of his books and he was very content to noodle around with his stacking cups. He was even trying very hard to put a ring from another toy inside one of the cups. Very smart.

We all saw possibly the most beautiful San Diego sunrise ever this morning. Don and Logan from our back porch and me on the way to work. It was amazing and my view was truly magnificent. The whole bay (San Diego bay, not Mission Bay) was lit up pink. All words will fail to portray the beauty, so I will stop there.

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