Sunday, February 11, 2007


I visit and post at a few parenting web sites, especially the ones I belonged to when we were trying for Logan and while pregnant. On one site, I "belonged" to a board where everyone was due in April. Well, since Logan came early I check out the March board sometimes as well. Both are still active and it is interesting to see how the kids and parents are growing. Sometimes though, you just have to wonder how people don't kill their kids. Seriously.

One woman from the March board gives her daughter Gerber's Graduates Chicken, Turkey or Meat Sticks every night for dinner. You know, because she LOVES them and couldn't possibly eat anything else. And for lunch this same kid eats vienna sausages heated in BUTTER. And for breakfast this 11 month old girl eats a breakfast sausage. EVERY DAY. Oh, and by the by, this baby also likes liverwurst and Spam. Spam! At 11mths old!!! So this mother goes on to ask if this might be bad for her kid. You know, she has an idea that it probably isn't the best, but her daughter just LOVES it soooooo much she can't say no.

What?!?!?!?!?!? Only slightly less disturbing is the fact that everyone who replied to her has really evaded the obvious. Duh, that is not ok! She doesn't even need to eat meat at all right now, never mind 3x a day!

Ok, parenting rant over. This one was just too much for me to let it pass.


Northwoods Baby said...

Dude. Just, DUDE!

I love my kids too but I also love their livers, so I try not to you know, DESTROY THEM.

Calliope said...

vienna sausages heated in butter???


what the hell is this lady doing??