Monday, February 19, 2007


Hoagie went bowling yesterday. I am happy to proclaim the event a success. We were thinking of a bowling birthday party, so it will be nice that honoree won't be a crying scared mess. Cause that doesn't seem like the most fun for anyone really. Don did quite well, and rolled a 144 on his last game. I didn't break 100, but I did score in the 90s both times. Better than my normal 60-ish score. Logan looked around and smiled at our neighbors. We also make the grave mistake of eating lunch at the alley. All I can say is it was wrong. So wrong. I think we ate chicken strips, but really there is no telling what it was. Ugh.

Later on yesterday we made an insane trip to Ik*a and Low*s. The first was horrid. Busy, filled with clueless people blocking the isles (if you can even call them that) with carts. Madness. The second was much more calm. We bought new fire alarms and now we have four working ones in our 770 sq ft condo (one of which is also a carbon monoxide detector). I think we are prepared.

Today is rainy, actually VERY rainy for San Diego, not the typical drizzle. I would like it, but I am not working today and was hoping to get in a long walk with Don and Hoagie. Another day.

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