Thursday, February 15, 2007

Air Conditioning

I actually had to turn it on in the car today. Just sayin'.

So Logan loooooved his valentines day balloons and needed to carry them with him everywhere. Today the novelty has so worn off and he is on to bigger and better things. Climbing. Great. And covering everything in his path with snot.

I *think* he might actually be using mama in context. Don agrees and I really want it to be true. It's a tentative contextual usage.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. Then a three day weekend! Yippee! Oh, and tomorrow Logan will be 2 weeks away from turning 1. Holy cow. Where did the year go!?


Northwoods Baby said...

Sca-roooooooooo you.
It got all the way up to 11 here today.

Stop hogging the hot weather, bizatch.

megan said...

i lovingly send you tons of daggers and sincerely roll my eyes at you turning on the a/c in your auto.

one day last week it got to 32 degrees and it was a freaking heat wave--like PP, it's been pretty much single digits or verrrry low double digits here for weeks.

tomorrow we get MORE snow.

more than ever we reeeeeaaalllly covet a vacation to come see you three!!!