Saturday, February 10, 2007

This post was really here on Friday night...really

This is what I would have written yesterday evening...

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!! I am so looking forward to this weekend it is shameful. Nothing wrong with the job, just glad to not get up at 5am.

Did I mention we are adjusting the night time feeds here? He usually would get up to eat at 2ish and 4-5ish. I decided that he can go till 3:30-4am and that can be his only night time eating. Our first night was great, the second night resulted in a 2am argument between Don and I (you know how productive those are) but it has been much better for the last 3 nights. Yay! As I suspected, he took to it with no problem. I am glad I successfully identified when he was ready and made the change. Unfortunately teething (at glacial pace I might add) is causing a few other night time wakings, but those are Don's. So in theory I should be getting more sleep. Ha. ha.

Logan and I went to P*tsmart yesterday to get Sunshine some food and such. We went into the adoption room and he loooooved looking at all the cats. Giggles and everything. Isn't it amazing how young children are drawn to animals? He also liked the birds. And you will be very happy to hear we did not walk out with a new pet. Now that we are settled into the one pet in our house routine, it is a much happier existence for all. In fact, I am currently watching a rowdy game of "chase Sunshine around the appt." I can't imagine doing it with 3!

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