Monday, July 17, 2006

London Bridge is falling down...

Except it wasn't the London Bridge*, it was me and Logan. Yes folks, I fell with my baby in my arms today. The worst possible thing I can think of happening at home (well, not THE worst, but pretty close) was a reality today. I tripped over the stupid bouncy chair while trying to give a very unprofessional customer service rep my credit card code number. As I was falling all I could think of was to protect the Hoagie. Luckily he was unharmed but very surprised, and not in a happy way. I hurt my tush, but that is a small price to pay. Once I got up I started crying right along with Logan. In fact, Logan stopped for a bit but I didn't and then he was sympathy crying along with me. It was bad. Anyhow, I called his pediatrician office and they called back to tell me unless he was acting out of sorts not to worry and that falling is quite common. So my experience wasn't as serious as the one at Addition Problems, but it was VERY scary and one I never want to repeat. I am glad his 4 mth check up is tomorrow so he will be seen within 24 hours of the incident. *sigh*

*I have been trying to remember the words to this song for weeks but have been too lazy to look them up.

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hope said...

Thank goodness you are both ok. (well, except for your hiney) How scary!