Sunday, June 25, 2006

Big toes and other musings

Big toe
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Since we first met him, Don and I have thought Logan has huge big toes. Not huge in the way that they are too big in general, just out of proportion to the other toes on his little feet. The picture above really doesn't show off the toe's hugeness, but it is something.

Lots has been going on over the last week here. We have gone to the beach twice, the zoo again, Costco, my work, and to visit Don at Zamorano.

* The zoo was wonderful as usual and we saw the polar bear, a couple meercats, giraffes, elephants, and a baby anteater. LOTS of baby pigs and boars. Logan actually woke up for part of it again and had a grand old time.

* The beach was good, but Logie had a total meltdown the first time we were there. It wasn't pretty. I think Don and I swore a nonstop litany of curses at each other for 15 minutes or so. Yikes. Once the Hoagie settled down much fun was had. The second visit was much less traumatic and we even had an awesome sunshade that Don and I put up with little hassle. Woo hoo!

beach smile

beach set up

* My work was great. It honestly felt like I never left, even though the last time I was there my water broke on my chair. I didn't even have an opportunity to clean out my office or anything. I currently have no furniture, so I couldn't go back right now even if I wanted to. :-) But it was nice to see everyone and to be missed. I am looking forward to adult interaction when I return, but not the leaving Logan part. We don't talk about that around here.

* Don's work was equally great to visit. Logan was a superstar as usual, and his coworkers treat me like one of the gang. Can't ask for more!

* Don and I had an actual date! On Wednesday, H babysat while Don and I took in a movie. The one with mutant superheros. It was not the best one of the series, but great escapism. We even had time for a drink at a local bar. Logie was a ok for H, and was sleeping when we got back (thankfully). And to our astonishment...

* Logan slept 9 hours straight! He went to bed around 8 and woke up around 5am. WOW. And two other nights this week he slept until 6am. Double wow. This is a whole new world. I wish I was getting more sleep, but I think I am actually getting less. I keep waking up thinking "why isn't he up yet? OMG, he isn't up yet!" Then I stare at him until he wakes up.

* Father's Day! How could I forget. Don had a good one (if I do say so myself). Logan gave him a dinosaur pop-up book that is REALLY cool. I gave him a super nice bike trailer for Logan to ride in when he gets a bit older. He had breakfast in bed and his coffee delivered (by me). We went up to La Jolla to see a Tijuana artists exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art up there. It was a good show and the weather was perfect. We walked around a bit too and saw some seals. Once we were back home I made dinner (meatloaf, his request). He looked pretty happy.

dad and logan at the museum

Dad and Hoagie in LaJolla

One final note (I will be better about blogging so every entry isn't a book...), Logie's hair is receding even more. He is so darn cute!

Logie's Hairline

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