Monday, September 17, 2007

More talkin'

New words!

Nanana = Banana
Mum mum mum = Mommy
Reooow = Meow

Shoe is not a new word, but it sure is a new obsession. If he is up, he must have shoes on. Especially his pedi.peds, which, although new, will soon be too small. He runs over to wherever they are normally tossed and follows one of us around chanting "show" until we put them on. He got crocs clogs over the weekend. I can't say he is thrilled with them, but I sure do like the fact that they can get dirty and wet without getting ruined. He picked out purple ones all by himself (which means they were the ones he didn't give back to me over the course of our shopping trip).

He is also obsessed with his baby yogurt. I can't open the fridge without him grabbing one out and totally melting down if he can't have it. One yogurt a day seems about right to me though. He would have ten. I win.

1 comment:

party b said...

He sounds so much like H... except NANANA means "hannah" in our home... and banana = MMMMMMM - LOL!!!

I swear something is in that yogurt because we have had to ban it from playgroup since they all swarm if anyone gets it!