Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I think I mentioned that there is a new baby at Ms. T's who just started in January. Logan had been the youngest kid at daycare until B joined the group. I am thrilled, because I think it is great for Logan to be around kids littler than him.

He seemed to be smitten with baby B until he figured out that this kid isn't a temporary addition. Now he is so impatient, and, most dramatically, is crying at his morning drop-off. This kid has never cried when he has been dropped off. Poor kid, jealousy is hard. Ms. T feels badly for him too, since he rarely causes trouble (you know, outside that biting issue this fall). He'll come to terms with it soon enough.

Speaking of adjustments, I had my first ever chiropractic appointment last week. Bouncing a 20+ lb baby on an exercise ball for months on end really messed me up. We haven't been doing that for ages now, but my back hadn't fully recovered. I am glad I went, though I won't be returning to the same practice. It was too impersonal and busy. I am looking for someone who, um, listens to me. What a crazy requirement, eh?

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neko said...

Awe... jealousy, quite adorable.

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