Saturday, October 28, 2006


Well, we were supposed to go out for a nice evening with dear friends who we haven't seen in a criminally long time. Instead we spent the night with a cold compress on the Hoagie's forehead.

Yes folks, he fell off the bed. A king size bed. Seems he is rolling faster than we anticipated. After the initial cry-fest (meaning all three of us) he was fine. A little sad perhaps, but nothing that a good buzz, quack, or armpit snoogle couldn't fix. And bonus, he landed on a rug. A call to the ped left me sufficently freaked out about head injuries, but he woke up and responded fine when we awoke him every two hours last night. I think we all need a nap. In all honesty though, once the 1 am wake-up came around, the rest of the schedule was just like any other night, so it wasn't so bad.

On top of the accident, I think he is getting a cold. Woot!


Anonymous said...

poor Hoagie!
I hope he is feeling better soon.

(& except for the dismount, high five on the rolling there, kid!)

hope said...

Awww.. poor little pumpkin!