Sunday, October 15, 2006

I guess it's not just cats...

i love goats

He likes goats too!

We went to a pumpkin patch today and let me tell you, it just isn't the same out here on the west coast. We had a few choices and decided to skip the one next to T*rget because it is in a parking lot in retail hell. The others seemed kind of far away so we decided to head to Bonita. I am glad we went, but it was disappointing. Small, cheesy, and really not that many pumpkins. There were hundreds in boxes next to the patch, which seemed odd. Whatever...

Here is the photographic evidence of the outing...

standing with dad

masse-browns at the pp

crotch hold

mom and hoagie at the pp


Anonymous said...

cuteness defined!

megan said...

goats are sort of like big cats. sort of. his pictures are soooo cute!

btw, sorry to harass you here, but i'm still having trouble with your email. could you send me a quick message at wstheory at yahoo dot com so that i'm sure i have the right one? thanks!