Monday, October 30, 2006


There has been lots of it here in Hoagie-ville. After ruling out head injury complications (urgent care and regular doc) we have now moved on to "stomach bug." I am home from work and will be tomorrow too.

Can I just whine for a second here? Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. H was supposed to come over and help hand out candy (we get tons of little ones). Don took the night off from work (as a surprise for me and Hoagie, but that went out the door). We have a super cute costume for the kid. And vomit. Not really condusive to a great night, eh? Also, Logan and I were supposed to go into work tomorrow for the halloween costume party/chilli and brownie cook-off. Everyone was going to see him in his super cute halloween outfits and then costume. *sigh*

And to top it off we had rescheduled our Friday night get-together for tonight. I had to reschedule until Wednesday. It seems doomed.

But on the up side, other than being a little cranky, Hoagie is doing fine and playing like normal. He even got into a hands and knees position today, complete with rocking back and forth. Too cute.

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