Friday, October 27, 2006

Camping and push-ups

Last weekend Hoagie and I went camping with a group of lovely folks. Originally we were headed to Idyllwild but it would have been waaaaay too cold for us San Diego softies. So we ended up at Agua Calliente it was really fun and Logan took to it wonderfully. I am pleased that it went so well and glad that we can now go whenever we want. It was chilly at night, but not too cold, and it was neat to hear the coyotes yipping. I am not sure how much I enjoyed the ghost stories we told around the fire, but it did make me check on Logan and conquer my fear of, well, anything spooky.

Hoagie and Auntie H...


Hanging out while we load up the Element...

desert scenery

Our campsite...


I should mention L slept great while I slept like crap. Isn't that always the way? I was too worried about the sleeping bag going over his face, his temperature, etc. He was fine. I should have just slept. Of course the in-daytime-voices conversation our neighbors had at 3 in the morning didn't help.

The other piece of news is that Logan is starting to do push ups. He is getting up on his hands and toes. Doesn't quite understand that putting his knees down would be easier, but I am sure that will come. He is rocking back and forth when he is on Don as well, so I think it is time to start baby proofing. Yikes!


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