Sunday, December 17, 2006

Thank yous

Hoagie has recieved some nice presents lately, and it isn't even xmas yet.

First is the super-cute sweater knit by my Aunt C. It fits great and will be around for a while. We have gotten several compliments on it while out. You can see why below...


Also, he got a cute booties and hat set from Grammy that we put to use in front of the tree we (read I) erected today.

happier tree

crazy crawler

He is so on the move. Headed with single-mindedness toward said tree. Who can blame him with all the lights? Very enticing. Cheer*os are also a draw. More on that later.

So Don is off work for 4 weeks, as the college class is over and the elementary school is on winter break. I think I am more excited than him. I like having someone who does stuff around the house while I am gone. I also really like not having to drive to Chula Vista after work to pick up Logan. I mean, I love to see him, but I won't miss the 1/2 hour drive out of my way. So all is good in the M-B household. You know, for now.

On another note, our hearts go out to P, whose father found out some sad medical news last week. Logan is going to visit work tomorrow and I am sure he will give her his own form of support.

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Calliope said...

sooo effing cute those photos are.

um...yoda much?