Monday, December 04, 2006

3/4 of a year

holding my book

Can you believe he is 9 months? Amazing. He is wanting to stand all the time. He loves to hold our hands and pull himself up. The crawling thing is still working itself out, but he is fast. I can't turn my head for a minute. It will be so much more so when he is mobile, I know. He is finally getting into the books we read together and Mr. Brown goes Moo is a huge hit. Especially the thunder part.

We had our first cooking club event at H and M's place on Saturday. Logan had a good time and even slept there so we could stay out. Heaven! Did we mention he is starting to get opinionated? I would expect nothing less growing up in this house. Here he is expressing himself while sitting with N.


I was out at a work lunch today and there was a baby around Logan's age crying at a nearby table. I litterally could not focus on anything else. At. All. My new boss noticed and pointed it out (no, not embarassing at all, thank you) and my co-worker oh-so-politely told me that it wasn't my child so I didn't need to pay attention. Gee, thanks buddy. It was such a surreal experience though. My brain just couldn't tune it out. Mama bear took over my body...

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