Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hey, can I drop that for ya?

So, were you aware of how fun it is to drop something while standing and then squat down to pick it up? No? Really? Because it is, like, so crazy fun. Or so says our kid. Well, he doesn't actually say it, more shows it by his actions of repeatedly dropping and squatting. At this rate he is going to be some sort of yogi or body builder. I vote for yogi, then I can get classes for free.

The Hoagie actually is saying "oooooooo" right now. And a lot of it. Maybe soon we will have doo, moo, and boo. Whatever. All I want to hear is mama when he isn't mad. (Just kidding, it's all cute.)

And the latest party trick, you ask? When I say "gimme five!" he holds out his hand. So darn cute.

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