Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Thanks to Hope at Cha Cherry Cola for giving the blog a shout-out! And wouldn't you know it, yesterday I slacked on my posting. Oh well, I will just do two today to make up for it. Hope, Megan, and Quinn are dear to us and it stinks that we live so far away. I will also decline to divulge the numerous ways we are doppleganger-y, as it really is quite freaky and I don't want to scare anyone. :-)

I am so tired that I can't remember much of anything. Hoagie is all messed up in his sleeping and it is really starting to take a toll. My first San Diego friend is getting married this weekend so we aren't going to start any sleep training until after that, as we would selfishly like to stay out later than 6pm. Don has next week off so he can deal with the night stuff (ha ha! like he will have any time to nap...). Hoagie seems largely uneffected, as he sleeps much more than Don or me. It is the transition from arms to flat surface that is getting us every time. Oh well, it will get better.

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